Instant replay

I like the new instant replay rules, with the exception you don't lose a timeout if proved wrong on the first challange - i like the way the NFL does it. But anyways were on the right track.

There's only 1 timeout per half in the CFL.

The rule is, you don't lose a timeout if you're wrong on your first challenge, but you do lose one if you're wrong on your second challenge.

I personally feel INSTANT REPLAY is completely unnecessary for the CFL game.

The CFL REFS are the WORSTE in all of professional sport ... this band aid solution - though a nice attempt - will only make the spotlight brighter on these guys and increase the frustration levels of fans and players, alike.

For the 1 or 2 GLARING mistakes that will be reversed each game I hardly think it is worth the time (in game), and resources (money that could be better spent on PROMOTION) - it is going to consume.

It smells a little 'gimmicky' from a league that is not as stable as it could/should be.

Perhaps when there are 9 or 10 teams and the league has reached that 'next level' they could revisit this idea.

As it stands, I EXPECT ALOT of discussion to revolve around the officiating / IR - ALL SEASON long.


i think that replay might be a waiste of time, not enough camery angles to prove either way...not worth it

I would prefer to have the CHANCE to reverse a bad call in a championship game than not to have that chance at all. Any form of replay rule is superior to not having one, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,