Instant Replay

Is instant replay officially instituted into the regular season? Shultz's latest column seems to indicate so.

Can anyone confirm this for me?


Yes instant replay is coming in this season.

This was the press release in February where
George Black, director of officiating, talked about
replays this season:
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"We don't have the financial wherewithal of the National Football League,"
George Black said. "But there's no sense in putting
a system into place where we're not going to be able to
do it right -- that's critically important for our credibility with the fan. And
that'sthe ultimate destination, the purpose of
replay is to protect the integrity of the game
and get the call right."

From the Edmonton game on Sat June 3rd,CLICK HERE
it was noted
"During the game, Maciocia twice requested replay reviews of on-field calls.
Instant replay is being implemented this season; because both of
Maciocia's reviews were denied his team was stripped of its
second-half timeout. In the last three minutes of each half, only
the officiating crew can decide whether to use the sideline viewer to review a
questionable call. "

Thanks Dan_here

Well, it's now official.

My prediction and sources cited above were correct. The Board of Governors approved instant replay for this season.

In preparation for the inevitable fan confusion, I intend to study the rules posted HERE

For instance:

"Time will not be put back onto the game clock as a result of a successful Replay challenge. On the last play of a half if time runs out during a play that is subsequently reviewed, the half is over, regardless of the result of the review. "

Can't you just see the perplexed fans at some game this year at half time. The challenge was upheld but time has expired...

On kicking plays you can't review the five yard encroachment by my reading of the rules. What do you see?

Many good discussions in the stands are coming up.

I'm glad to see that it won't delay the game much, and we all know that Ticats will benefit from better calls!

Oski Wee Wee

It looks like the league will use the same silly method as the NFL,ie.the on field ref looking into a sideline viewing unit.It would be so much more efficient for someone in a studio to take a look and make the decision.The ref has to run to the sideline catch his breath,get his head under the hood and wait for his eyes to adjust to the dim light.There is also a built in bias for the ref not to go against his onfield call.

Do not forget that there are a number of other officials thanthe Referee on the field. The Referee should have no bias either for or against his officiating crew. I prefer to have the field Referee making the decision on the field.