instant replay

Do we need it or what?? that was a sure TD by stegall as everybody knows. (except the idiot refs). The bombers prolly still would have lost, but it could very well have given them more momentum and thus lead to a win. I am truely disgusted with the reffing. if we dont have instant replay next year, or hell, even this year, i dont know wut i'm going to do. When is the CFL supposed to get it anyway??

A couple thing need to happen.

(1) All game must be televised so EVERY Team has EQUAL access to instant replay games.

(2) Some one, (League or Network) will have to add MORE camera angles. Currently (Excluding the Grey Cup game) there are only 6-7 cameras, operators and tape editors, per game compared to the NFL which has 15-16 cameras, and taper operators.

(3) Some of the Stadiums that have press boxes on only one side of the field may have to do minor renovations so that PROPER reverse angle camera's can be put in.

Items 2 & 3 involve more cost. So, how much should each team raise ticket prices to cover the costs.

Just food for thought!

PS, I am NOT a fan of instant replay.....for the record.

no'd slow the game down. ( unless only ONE challenge each team per game )

1 challenge per game or per half is the way to go!!!
Id rather have the game slowed down than another teams chances of winning Botched by bad calls game after game.

Ohh and also make it a penalty if the call isnt overturned. Delay of game

good call, dentor

In the NFL I think they just take away a timeout if the call isn't overturned. That seems to work well, from what I've heard. It's can turn out to be more of a loss than a ten yards or so penalty.

Well I said penalty only so we dont Emulate the NFL ehh.. either way the team calling for the instant replay better be damn sure they are right :slight_smile:

Ya but if you take away a timeout in the NFL they still have 2 more. You take away a timeout in the CFL. And they have no more timeouts. I mean wut happens if they already used there timeout earlier but theres a call that they would like to challenge. Sure you could say nope you dont have a timeout to use. But if you ask me then the instant replay wouldnt help a heck of a whole lot. If your gonna put in the Instant replay your either gonna have to give each team at least one more time out per half OR just give them a 15 yard penalty say. Or even make it a 20 yard penalty. Or loss of a down. Say there on 2nd and goal on the 6 yard line. Theres 10 seconds left in the game. And the team is down by 4 So obviously they go for the touchdown. Lets say its a passing play. And the pass the ball to a reciever at the back of the endzone. The reciever lands in bounds but doesnt have control of the ball. But the other team (wanting the win) use there challenge (assuming they still have it) but the call is not overturned. Not only is that second down play done making it third down. They have no third down to use therefore turning over the ball from loss of downs.

Your example makes absolutely zero sense lol

I'm not a fan of instant replay, but that blown Stegall touchdown is a black eye on the game. There was some bad pass interferance calls on the Riders, but you'd need 20 bad calls like that to match the effect of a horribly grotesque call like that. I read some fans on here saying that Stegall pushed off so I waited until I saw the replay to comment, but if that is a push off, then I'm a closet Argos fan.