Instant Replay

If a coach throws a challenge flag to say, argue a penalty call, I think the refs should apply a delay of game penalty. If they didn't understand the play, and are told the play is non reviewable, then I wouldn't penalize them.


Seems to me that the use of instant replay has been a good thing. Yes there have been some inconclusive calls (heck they happen in the NFL as well), but there have been some overturned and a lot confirmed!

As for being able to call for a replay on anything. Sorry but I do not want every play called back because the video screen shows that some coach on the far sideline had his toe on the turf.

Why not allow everything to be challenged???

Make it more efficient and reliable by having
all challenges being reviewed upstairs, take it
out of the onfield refs hands. Allow the ref
to communicate upstairs if needed.

I have serious doubts the refs get all the proper
angles and replays under that hood.

Really? Why do you doubt this? Seem to me that most of the replays have been right, inconclusinve, sustain or overturn.

I do not recall one that was upheld when the replay evidence was clear that it should have been overturned. Can you cite me an example of where there was a challenge and the replay CLEARLY showed the wrong call was made and yet it was not changed????

Ive seen them do the 30 second peek a boo. So how
could they get all the angles looked at in that time?

Inconclusives the biggest instant replay cop out.