Instant Replay

Am I the only one that thinks the instant replay in the CFL is useless. It seems like, to me, that 90% of challenges are deemed "inconclusive". What's the point?

Plus, my father brought up a good point while watching the Bomber game. How can the ref., who blew the call in the first place, be the one who reviews it? It seems like a conflict of interest, to me.

hahahahaha exaactly; CFL officials aren't pros; so pride is in every decision and they don't know how to swallow... pride that is...

Eveery reffing association in Canada is struggling for membership currently.. do you know why? Because most of them are old boys clubs where they don't want the new blood in and they get the crappy assignments. Well I know tons of former players that could step on the field tomorrow and make calls easier than current officials but they arent let near the games; The CFL needs to have a system that recognizes younger talent for its officials and bring them up instead of the same old "boys club" making the decisions.

You do know there are 7 refs on the field and the one who reviews them makes very few, if any of the calls that are reviewable!

yea but if i was a ceo of a company and the whole board was taking bribes; will i indict myself?

And that has what to do with what?

hmmm analogies for idiots.....

why would you overturn a decision that makes you look like an idiot in the first place and then you look wrong the second time...... pride man pride

So based on that logic....they would have never overruled themselves and reversed the call!

Let's change the rule to allow a challenge to be made on any play, regardless.

I agree with that....Like I said in a prev post, if the coach wants to waste one of his 2 challenges on an offside call, so be it.

Let's get back to my main point. The replay is useless because we don't have enough camera angles. The challenge ends up being inconclusive. Again, to me, it seems like most of the challenges are deemed inconclusive.

Its not useless.
There have been many calls that have been overturned.
Besides, if only 1 bad call a year is overturned, its not useless

Thats why I don't like replay....not as many angles as the NFL.

Again, if only one play is overturned then it is worth it.
If none are overturned, there is no harm

but wally can throw a challenge flag so the ref has to come over on a play that there is certainly nothing contreversial on?? that what about a penatly for wasting all that time; oh yes and after that not a single penalty against BC. crazy for how may replacement players in there. Guess Wally figured out how to use the challenge flag to his advantage.

One way to stop that is to not allow a challenge to be revoked......You throw the flag and remove it, you get charged.

That should be in place for plays that are not challengable as well

but that is too complicated for the inept cfl officials to figure out.

Whats so hard about it.
"sorry you cant challenge" You are charged with a challenge

then why wasn't it instituteas a rule?-- inept

The refs dont make the rules!