instant replay on the way

Article in the Leader post today said that the league was on the verge of formally announcing instant replay at their winter meetings in February. Each team would get one challenge per half in addition to their timeout and would not include challenges for illegal contact or pass interference.

They also eluded to the fact all 81 games are televised this year and that instant replay, even though not perfect, can be a tool to aid the refs in tough decisions.

The CFL will also only use television coverage to make their decision and not rely on network facilities.

This is great news for the CFL, it doesn't always work but it helps to be able to take a second look at big plays that impact the game. It will also help the integrity of the game as those big plays that may have been called wrong can then be corrected.

Good to hear its coming along.

coming with a 90 sec timer I hope, like in Halifax and the SB.

The instant replay, is a plus for our already great refs..
Where it really helps the CFL and NFL, is a slow speed look at Fumbles and line calls...
And of course, if we can't make the correct call on the TV sreen..Play stands as called on field...

I wouldn't be that nice. could probably be a positive asset to the league....I just hope it dosen't end up slowing the flow of our game down to any great extent....frivilous challenges to plays should be penalized....if there is a disputed call and it meets the criteria for a re-play ...great....if it is being used as a delaying tactic...not will be interesting and I'm sure monitored very carefully....hope it works .. :roll:

I don't quite understand, so PI calls are not challengable? Or you will not be charged for your timeout if you challenge the call? Wich is it?

You cannot challenge pass interference calls. They didn't specify in the article about what happens if a challenge has been defeated.

Relpy is still in it's experimental stages, it's something the league will have to work with and chage for the better. I can't remember exzacly what the guy on Madden (the talk show guy your lisson to in My Madden) said, but h e made a good point about staying the way it is and chaging for the better.

but I have no idea what you could chage about it, expect train refs better to make the right calls.

Great news for the CFL. It’s about time an instant replay system is developed and used.

The biggest problem with Instant Replay is that it is dictated by the head referee. This job should instead be given to an additional judge in the press box, called a "Television Match Official" in rugby league and rugby union. This official is linked up to the head referee via headset, and makes the final call regarding a replay decision, while the head ref tells the crowd the outcome. In this situation, the TMO can start reviewing a play immediately when the challenge flag is thrown, saving time for everyone and taking more of the game out of the hands of one referee.

The infrastructure is already there in the NFL (there is someone who shows the referee all camera angles - making them a referee or adding a referee to that booth is the only thing necessary).

As long as they get it right! Not Like Seattle - Pittsburgh Super Bowl of Pittsburgh - Indy AFC championship.

I am sure Geroy Simon would love to see PI be a challengable call :shock:
Or should I say illigal contact.

Fouls wont be covered by replay.

They're not in the NFL, they wont be here.

Interference and illegal contact are considered "judgement calls," which cannot be challenged.