The CFL has the worse officiating in professional sports,. Therefore, it is vital that the league institute instant replay next season. The second to last play was a complete blunder by the officiating crew. To call that play a non-catch was a disgrace to the game, fans. and the teams.

Not that is would have mattered much considering there was only one tick on the clock, but is that really an excuse to blow an obvious call? I think not. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT CFL.

As much as I love the Canadian Football League, you couldn't have nailed it any more on the head.

watch out.............some people don't like thses kinds of posts. :lol: :wink: :smiley:

NO DOUBT! I'm going to post my rule chages updated in the "Chage of heart on No Yards" topic I have.

i agree :wink: instant replay is a must :shock:

Yes, that play wouldn't have made that much difference by that point in the game. But the receiver took at least 3 steps with the ball before he went out of bounds.
Bombers blew their chances with the dumb 2 point convert attempt, followed by the short kick-off.

Here is my idea:

The teams will have 2 Challengers a piece in each half, with a man upstairs dictating what's going on (TMO). Which are independent of the one time outs that the teams already have. If a challenge is made, the refs have 90 seconds to review a play before making a final decision in the play. If no decision is reached in that time, the original call stands.

The CFL dosn't have that kind of money...........they would have to re lay only on the T.V. broadcast replays...........

The CfL does not have the worst officials, for what they get paid they would rank replay and they discusss all questionable calls...make them #1 in my books...GO REFS

Here is my idea... Firstly the guys doing the play by play should be making the calls, as far as officiating is concerned. Second, find the genetic misfire that boched the call in Hamilton, flog him a few times, then fire his ass and deport that moron to mississippi where he belongs. No offence to the CFL, Im Canadian, and I love OUR game, but the officiating sucks!

NEWS FLASH................reffing in all sports sucks.

Ever seen NHL reffing...........?

How about the NFL?............they can't even call the coin toss properly.

We all play with bad it evens out........some what.

I also thought that the pass was incomplete untill I saw the replay but Oh wait they dont get that luxury. Dont blame the refs blame the league for not having it.
Oh wait most of you dont want it because it slows down the game.
Others want it but with a 60-90 second time limit. You cant have it both ways. I think most fans just want to have something to blame the loss on other than their team.

even with it, bad calls would still happen (Like I said, it's part of the game), but the IR would be a good tool for the refs to use.

under my rule, it would slow the game down by a maxamine of 3 minutes.

I think Pinball put it best in the Halifax game, "I'm not in favor of this, this is for the refs convenience, not ours"

With it or without it, it's a great game and the officiating is amazing when you consider all the things they have to see at the same time.

As for the blown call in the Winnipeg-Hamilton game, I thought it was a catch, but it happened up around midfield at the north sideline, and I was sitting on the east goal line on the south side of the field. I was a little confused when they called it incomplete, but didn't question it. After seeing the replay on the sports when I got home, it looks like he caught it, and it seems surprising that they would blow a call that badly. Fortunately it had no effect on the outcome of the game.

Agreed, the play had no effect on the outcome of the game, does every park not have a jumbo tron or other such screen for showing replays.....I know the refs like to huddle up and discuss the calls now, which is a good thing, but why doesnt one of them just take a peek at the jumbo tron when their huddling if their not sure......

I think the refs in the CFL are fairly good. Some questionable calls but if you have ever been on field level durning a game then you understand the speed things happen. I like the fact they huddle and discuss things before the call, I've just always wondered why they don't look at the big tv in the endzone showing the replay while they are "talking" :wink: :smiley:

In the HAMILTON/WIN was a terrible , blown call at the end of the game.

BUT if that WINNINPEG player caught the ball right in his hands in the end zone...........and they made all their FGs.........this wouldn't even be a issue.

Well, at least the league has acknowledged that the refereeing needs to improve, and has taken a couple of steps to improve it (off-season ref/coach meetings, more on-field discussion, etc.) but it can always be better.

And refs have the worst job in all of pro sports. The only time they get any recognition at all is when they make a poor call - and it's usually a "borderline" one like a questionable pass interference or roughing the passer call, or a receiver catches the ball one inch off the turf with one foot in bounds and has his back to the closest official, who wrongly calls it incomplete because he couldn't properly see what happened.

Replay isn't a fix-all solution itself, but if replays can eliminate SOME of the human error, I think they are worth introducing.

The worse call this year was a game I saw between BC and Hamilton. On this particular play one of Hamilton's D-Lineman clearly stripped the football away from a BC player and ran in for a score.

But what did the officials do? They called the play down, when it was clearly not and took the TD off the board and gave BC the ball back.

WORSE call ever. :x

It would be expensive to put in. Can we all agree to raise ticket prices?

First off ALL Stadiums would need reverse angle from the press box area. Correct me if I'm wrong, as my observation is based on TV shots but wouldn't Hamilton, Calgary, Montreal and Winnipeg need to renovate the stadium to put reverse camera's in the pressbox?

Second, I beleive the NFL uses 15-18 cameras compared to CBC / TSN 6-7 cameras. Could the league afford to pay the extra cameramen and video tape technitions ?

Third, ALL GAMES MUST be on TV so that each team has the equal amount of games where video replay can be used.

Personally, I'm not a fan of replay as the games are long enough already. But here are some food for thought items to debate around a bit.