Instant replay is a joke!!

I absolutely hate this particular aspect of replay (okay…I hate replay in general, but this is a reason why).
According to the replay rules in the CFL, the call on Williams was reviewable and correct.
It is not the first time this year that call has been made. Rather it has been made several times.
It is in fact reviewable that if a player, ruled down by contact is, upon review, seen to have lost control of the ball before he is down, it is a fumble.
And then, if the opposing team immediately (Refs discretion) gains control, it is a change of posession.
And that rule has actually been called in that manner with reasonable consistancy this year.

In the NFL, until this year, that play could never have been overturned. But they changed the rule just this year in the NFL and the CFL adopted a similar rule and interpretation.
So it is the rule and was judged correctly.

But the rule is lame.
There are two obvious reasons why that rule is ridiculous. First, if the whistle goes, the play is dead. Anything occuring after that should not affect the outcome of the play. So even though the replay clearly shows Williams fumbling the ball, the whistle went, play over.
But the other thing is, because the whistle went, the players don’t keep playing.
Sometimes a few do…they see a loose ball, and grab it regardless of a whistle.
But most of the time, they stand around and do nothing. So the ball is out, they think the play is over, and guess what?
The first guy to pick up the ball after a dead play gets possession? Silly!
I remember one earlier this year where the review also saw a change of possession.
You clearly see the ball lying a foot away from a player, but he just ignores it, making no attempt whatsoever to grab it, while a player from the other team dives on it. Guess who got the ball?
The point is, even if there are 10 guys from one team right there to recover, and only one of the other, so it seems clear and obvious who will get the ball, we all know from experience that if that lone player dives for the ball, he might get it, or it might scoot loose.
The fact that the whistle has gone changes everything, and to give up possession over that is dumb.
So the ruling on Sunday vis a vis the rules, was correct. But common sense says it was not the “right” call.

'Nuff said.

im suprised ro1313 hasn't uploaded the replay video for everyone to watch, to settle this.

I am sure he will....
He has already found a play from earlier this year to watch, so it's coming...
But the video will prove the "call" was correct, according to the "rule".
It is the rule itself that is incorrect....

This really is an interesting thread. We have posts that say the whistle blew prior to Montreal recovering, and we have post which say the whistle blew after Montreal recovered. And this is after we all saw the replay.

I think it just goes to show the difficult job the Ref's have. Video replay or no video replay.

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket, the whistle blew AFTER the Als gained possession of the ball! It was the right call and my Als have been burned far too many times by poor calls for me to give a damn what a bunch of whiny Argo fans think about their precious ex-NFL running back fumbling the ball at a crucial time.

SUCK IT UP, people. Your team lost, and lost fairly. Show some class for once in your miserable lives.

Sorry guys and gals the whislte blew long before the ball was recovered. However as I said before the same thing happend in the MTL Cal game. The whislte blew while the ball was bouncing around and video replay overturned the call...... If it applied once it applies this time.....

Here is the link to the discussion on the first incident

[url=] ... ht=whistle[/url]

Ill post yesterday's play later today(Im supposed to be working now) :wink:

Gee, Ro, how selfish can you get worrying about your employment and personal gain when you could be solving a major CFL controversy.......

Here you go!

Like I said the whistle did go before the ball was picked up!

[url=] ... S_01_1.flv[/url]

But if you look at this clip R.Jay Soward grabs the ball out of Cox's hand..... He didnt seem to think the play was over either

[url=] ... S_02_1.flv[/url]

As far as I understand the rule, it really isn't an issue whether the whistle went or not. He was ruled down by contact which is why the whistle went at all.
And so they go back and review whether he was down before the ball came out or not, regardless of when the whistle went (unless the whistle went before the ball came loose, which is a different scenario)
For me, the telling aspect was that the Alouette player was just standing there, not protecting the ball.
If he thought he had just recovered a fumble, why isn't he protecting the ball and/or running with it.
Most of the players stop.
Soward does bat the ball away, and I guess you could also ask, why wasn't that a fumble?
If the play had continued with no whistle nobody can say with certainty who would have recovered the ball.

No, I think the NFL made a mistake changing the rule for them, and we made a mistake following their lead.

And as always, ro, thanks for the video!

If there was no whisltle at all I am sure that Cox would have started to run with the ball.

I would say that in this case he had posession of the ball and the whistle had now blown at least 3 times before Soward took it from him. Lets be honest the play has to end sometime.

the whistle blew 3 times b4 anyone touched the is SUPPOSED to be dead once the whistle stops...thats it, end of disscussion....

the refs screwd up...face it, they did...move on.

Yup they screwed up twice.....
Once by blowing the whistle too soon and once by ruling he was down by contact......

Bottom line is Video Replay got it right!!!!!!

if the refs were perfect, they woulda let the play continue WITHOUT blowing the whistle, then used replay ( pinball coulda challenged ) to see if it was or wasnt a fumble...then there would be no discussion at all, right?

I cant argue with that

This is the first year for instant replay, and there is definitely room for improvement. If the officiating improves , so will the calls. The replay clearly showed that Ricky fumbled, but it was the officials who mistakenly blew the play dead. It was the fault of the officials on the field.

Ros second video shows a montreal player interfering with Tony Miles while the ball is loose, that would give the ball to Toronto

Oh please the ball is firmly in Cox’s hands by that time!

by the time we see it yes, but it seems as if he'd been doing that before

the als beat the argos 2ice in 3 weeks…

the better team won.