Instant replay is a joke!!

The CFL instant replay is a joke. In the East final Williams fumble is blown dead by a whistle. By rule the play is over (it is a dead ball). Montreal challenged and got the ball. Don't the refs know the damn rules? What a joke. This is why I don't watch the CFL. I went to the CFL website to look at the rulebook and found two things. 1) when a whistle goes the play is dead - thus a fumble could not be recovered. 2) There appears to be no mention of replay in the CFL official rulebook - now this must be wrong but I couldn't find it - does anyone know where these rules can be found?

Another one who signs up to complain

  1. CBC replayed that very play WITH SOUND and the whistle (if you were listening) was clearly blown AFTER the Montreal player picked up the ball.

  2. You stated you don't watch the CFL. Apparently this is a falsehood considering you're on here whining about a play that was called a game you are CURRENTLY watching.

  3. And...considering you just signed up to this site TODAY trolling in your first post does not leave a good impression. If you don't know what trolling is...brush up on your internet etiquette! But DON'T DO IT HERE. I'm not in the mood today!

But he’s right.

Anyway, here’s the replay manual:

They’ve removed the link.

um, no, it was clearly blown while the ball was rolling around on the turf.

CBC replayed that very play WITH SOUND and the whistle (if you were listening) was clearly blown AFTER the Montreal player picked up the ball.
it most certainly was not. Even the game crew noted that. It was clearly blown before the ball was in the hands of the Montreal player.

Like I said you didn't listen!

The call was bush - it was a fumble and I’m not even an argo fan I was just catching a glimpse, but you can’t expect players to play after the whistle - you always teach kids to play until the whistle, and in this case Montreal was rewarded simply because a ball happened to bounce into one of their players hands after the play was over. A toronto player took the ball out of the montreal player’s hands 30 seconds after the play was blown dead why shouldn’t that count as another fumble and recovery?

Like I DIDN'T listen!

Just because you said it, doesn't make it true.

I listened to the whistle blow before the recovery, both during the live play and during the "with sound" replay.

Maybe you were listening to your pet bird and heard a different whistle.

Thanks for the link to the instant replay rule. It appears that the "recovery of a loose ball in play" is under the list of not reviewable. - So it looks like the play should not have been challenged.

The review was not executed properly. The whistle in football is not like that in hockey where the exact instant is meant to signify the end of the play. It is the action of tackling itself that marks the end of the play. The whistle was blown to stop the players from killing eachother after the refs called the play dead to acknowledge that Williams was down.

Williams in truth was not down but the call on the field was that he was down. Everything after that was not subject for review. How on earth did that play end with a Montreal recovery when the play was called dead with the Montreal defender standing with the ball and not in contact with anyone? Thats not football... the play was dead, both teams stopped playing.

It was a very poor show of officiating by the CFL yet again... making it up as they go.

Actually that is referring to determining who recovered the ball and had nothing to do with this situation.

What they used in this case was this:

A.R. Fumble before runner down by contact
Team A ball carrier fumbles the ball with Team B recovering. Officials rule down by contact at A's 30 yard line. Replay shows that the ball was loose before the runner was down.
RULING Reviewable play B’s ball at point of recovery with no advance.

I REALLY hope they change this in the off-season, because it's incredibly wrong.

Well said joedavtav

If thats the rule JFL, then the league has a very silly loophole that allows actions originally in dead-ball situations count toward outcomes in the game...

It best be eliminated for 2007 and we better hope the Grey Cup isn't determined by something as crazy as this.

Actually the exact same thing happened between the Als and the Stamps. Edwards fumbled the ball the whistle blew and the ref overturned the call awarding the ball to the Stamps

IT WAS A FUMBLE , and when you are behind 24 to 10 [before the fumble] , you can hardly blame the REFS for losing.

CONGRATS TO MONTREAL. The ARGOS looked like they had 2 weeks off but made it exciting at the end of the game.

MONTREAL , had their defensive and offensive line looking like their 7 and 0 team.

At least the ARGOS made the game exciting in the end. :thup:

GEO365, they must send the video and audio feeds at different times down there in Ohio than up here. The whistle clearly went before the Montreal player picked up the ball. So which whistle ends the play, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th!

Unfortunately this mistake by the officials could be argued to be the reason the Argos lost yesterday. Terrible decision, and as for geo365 what game were you watching?? anyone else who watched the game heard the whistle blow well before the recovery including the announcers. If you're going to watch the game pay attention. And where is the consistency with the officials. earlier in the season I was at a game where the same ref called a play dead because of a whistle in the crowd now he won't call it dead when he blows his own whistle. Terrible.

Just for the record I think the play cost them the game but I don't think they deserved to win anyway, the Als outplayed them and had more heart, they deserve to be in the grey cup.