Instant Replay in the last 3 minutes of the half

Does anyone know why video review CANNOT be requested by a head coach in the last 3 minutes of a half? Right now, only the upstairs official can request it after the 3-minute warning. My guess is for time-wasting purposes, and probably something to do with time outs too ...

Secondly, do you think coaches should be able to challenge calls in the last 3 minutes of the half? I don't see why not, unless I'm missing something.

it all so goes for OT, and I would like to know why they don't also inculde the 3 mintue waring in the 1st half.

it's to try and conserve the flow of the game. They're getting better at chalenging whenever apropriate

KK coaches can't challenge in the last 3 mins of the 1st half either

no, I think they can, just not in the last 3 mintues of the game or OT, where the refs make the call instead.

No KK they can't. Maybe in Aussie rules football they can, but in the CFL the only challanges that can come after the 3 minute warning in either half must come from the replay official in the booth. Look it up.

No KK's right on this one, the coaches can challenge in the last 3 minutes of the first half. The last 3 minutes of the second half and overtime is the replay booth's decision.

Mate, there are no such things are challengers in Aussie Ball.

I hope however, the the CFL decides to do it your way next season.

thank you RF

Just to confirm.
Challenges are possible in the last 3 minutes of the first half and there have been some this year.
The confusion on that point likely stems from the fact that in the NFL, you cannot challenge in the last 2 minutes of the first half.

well, if they have mate, TSN and CBC haven't been notifiled, and I haven't seen any thus far.

The Reason Why Coachs Can't Challenge In The Last 3 Minutes Is Because They Would Save Their Challenges Till The End Of The Game And Use Them In Conjunction With Their Timeouts To Get Either 3 Or 4 Breaks For Their Defence.

You only get 1 free challenge. So you would only get 2 breaks no?

Well They Would Call A Challenge On Any Play And Then Use Up Their Timeouts Which Would Give Them A Total Of 3 Breaks, Then If They Were Forunate To Get A Legitament Challenge On Their Second Challenge They Could Potencially Stop The Clock 4 Times. A Team Can Stop Clock 4 Times In A Game Anyways But By Not Allowing Them To Challenge In The Last 3 Minutes It Prevents Them From Stopping The Clock More Then Twice In The Last 3 Minutes.