Inspite of the loss...

What was your highlight of the night?

first and formost for me it was having a good time out with my dad and buddies. The second best part of the night was the jets flying over IWS just before kickoff..that gives me goosebumps, i wish they would do that for every home game. :thup:

Nice post.

You took all the words right out of my mouth... I like...

Great perspective on things! Good post!

In spite of the loss .... we're only two points out of first place :slight_smile:

I was impressed by the improved special teams tackling and coverage.

My favourite part of the night was having a shot of vodka and going to bed! Just kidding!

There were some glimmers of hope on the field too. Special teams look great!

Great guts shown by Caulley, especially on his TD reception. He just wouldn't be denied on that play.

Watching the game on TV afterwards, Bauman also deserves credit for a nice block on that play.

For a nice CLIP on that play :wink:

Shhhhhh :wink:

I think the cats did Okay. First quarter we shot out selfs in the foot a few time's. Gave up 20 points. By game's end The D looked decent. Offence did well. 17 points isn't bad. Much better then other seasons where not a TD was scored tell a few games in.
Toronto did come into the game more prepared. And it showed on the score board. I thought it was nice to have marshal as out D.Q adjustments were maid, missed tackles still went on tho!
Don't count us out in B.C