inspired to 11,000 feet... thanks Ti-Cats

I'm not very tall, female, and I'm on the old side of middle age... and STILL the Ti-Cats inspired me to taste life at a level I never imagined I could before.

Last season they brought skydivers from Skydive Burnaby into IWS for a spectacular show. And I was inspired... by the divers and the game. I wanted to try it... and I did... just a few days ago.

Want to see?

It was AMAZING. Thanks Ti-Cats management for the introduction to such a marvelous group of people. Just like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the folks at Skydive Burnaby are top notch!

In the video you may just catch a glimpse of the pink Ti-Cats jersey that I wore that day under the jumpsuit... and you may hear me say that my inpiration to jump came from the Ti-Cats. The fellow I jumped with was one of those who landed in IWS last year and plans to come back again for the Labour Day game.

Courage... teamwork... confidence... all that the Cats have and aspire to too. What a joy! I can't wait to go back.

Tackle Box D

Good on ya!!!

Free falling is an unbelievable experience and very addictive, isn’t it.

I’ve done it a few times, from St. Catharines, to Hawaii to Australia and each time I liked it more.

Wow!.....Congratulations Sandra!

Thanks for sharing!

(I could feel my heart beating faster just thinking about doing that. I'd like to say that I have the guts to step out of a plane but I really don't know if I do)