Insight & Analysis Going the way of the Doto

Apperently the people that run the CFL site have decided to remove the INsight & Analysis section of the website.
Barring some kind of replacement this would mean the end of any kind of opinion piece on the site and I think that is a shame. While I have by no means agreed with all of the opinions expressed in the various columns, I do like to read them. It adds a more national (& Global) look at the CFL as opposed to the regional articles which generally only comment on their own teams.

I personally think this is a shame, and plan on messaging some people who might no more, and recoomend others to do the same. The CFL NEEDS columns like "rouge white and blue", Daved Benefields columns and all the others. The more articles the better in my opinion.

Whats a "DOTO" and where did they go? :wink:

I agree 100%


I was going to regale you with tales of the famous DOTO in the next instalment of "Insight & Analysis" but, alas, it was cancelled....

....I think he unforeseen circumstances the insight articles are no longer available....they've had the bird... :wink:

When is it being removed? It is still up at the moment. WOuld be another loss to the fans if this type of info is lost.

Agreed Billy they need to have more articles published . The more articles the better.

my bad.