insider info from Katz: injury will keep Hill out tonight

After I wrote a post earlier today criticizing the Ticats for not activating Hill to at least return kicks tonight, Rob Katz actually private messaged me to tell me that Hill sustained a pull in his leg at practice this week. I had not read anything about that injury prior to criticizing the Ticats in my post. Hill's injury (which will only see him miss one week of action), and not a coaching decision, will keep him out of tonight's game. Mr. Katz told me that they will release information about Hill's injury to the media just prior to tonight's game, but that I am free to share the information with fans on who may be confused and frustrated at not seeing Hill play in the Labour Day classic. Thank You Mr. Katz for setting the record straight.


I thought McMahon would have been all over this.
Obviously your "sources" are much more reliable

this info was in a few other threads that he was injured and not practising

who cares, its not like hamilton has the best special teams blockers anyways, they have the reigning top returner in the cfl in corey holmes and he hasnt scored due to that useless blocking scheme created by jerome erdman and his special teams unit.

You won't be hearing much from MacMahon for the next 26 days... he's on an enforced forum vacation.