Inside the locker room -TSN Post Game Kent Austin

After the big win somebody please post it TSN after game couldn't post link .....goose bumps and tears proud baby listen in :rockin: ....

It's up on now.

That was a great sight! I wonder what the mood was like inside the other guys locker room...hmmm, not really, don't care, too sad.

Awesome!!!!!!!! So PROUD of this team and coaches and organization right now!!!!! It makes all those bleak years worth it to see how far we've come and where we are now......back on top of the heap!!!!!! #1 BABY!!!!!! LET'S BRING THAT CUP ON HOME,WHERE IT BELONGS :thup: :thup: :thup:

marwan bring it up Ticats on three :rocking: our guys held the cup and savoured the moment ,Riders players wouldn't even touch the western final trophy?! Other half of the maple leaf :thdn:

Gang Green used the theory, the same as NHL conference winners, that they haven't won anything yet. Yet they managed to give Chamblin a Gatorade shower. Hmm, methinks they did think that this was their big win of the year.

:wink: :wink: :wink:

Thanks for posting Cap'n Kirk. The post game spirit really brings home the feelings of the team and coaching staff
to all of us.

It was great to see Kent Austin single out Marwan Hage for his great work and for his 10 year drought in Hamilton.
He and the East Division Trophy were made for each other.

I was also elated at the 2nd half that Henry Burris had, not to mention the great defensive plan of keeping Ricky Ray
off the field.

Oski wee wee!!!

I thought it was so arrogant of them not to touch it. They looked like total a-holes, IMO.

I love how the Cats team this year are serious when they need to be, but also know when to loosen up and have fun. They are going to the Grey Cup! Be happy! The Riders didn't seem nearly as excited.

Kent Austin has been there and won it twice before. He knows what to expect, and during the post game video, he reminded his players that what they worked for all season is yet to come. He talked about the distractions and that it's going to be a BUSINESS TRIP.

Kent Austin and his coaching staff will have this team ready and focused for THE GAME.

That's my point, they are serious about it, but they also seem much more excited and happy to be going. Throughout the season there has been a great locker-room chemistry that makes the players want to be there. IMO, Sask came out kind of douche-y.

The Riders (and their fans) have a cocky arrogance about them. It seems that they think since they made the GC and it happens to be at home, that they'll win it all. We'll see about that.

I don't think they look like a-holes at all...

They seem to realize that they have completed Step 2 and only Step 3 completes the season...

I remember how businesslike we were in '86...We came out for the player announcements without jumping around intent on going about our business...

We've only completed Step 2 of the 3 Step Process...It was a big win yesterday,but,all it was was a ticket to the next game...We haven't won anything yet...

To quote Mario Andretti,"To finish first,you first must finish!!"...