Inside the Draft.

What a Great Video .. I have Watch it 5 Times.
I love inside Stuff like this ..

:thup: Thanks Ticats TV

What does it say about me that I got bored halfway through ONE viewing?

That Okay Mycko ,
Most fan don't Understand Or are Board by
the Inside The Draft Idea.
It only for most Fanatical of Us Fans.
I enjoy The inside lock Room Stuff As Well
When they talk about helmets and Shoulder Pad..
I am glad Ticats Tv Caters to all Kinds of Fans
Mild to Hard Core.

As you Long as You Cheer
when the team hits the Field
Really that All that Matters My Friend..
After All we Family in Tiger-town.
We Love our TiCats.. Oski Wee wee..

They seemed to like Masse the 4th round WR selected.

They need to invest in a boardroom telephone instead of that cheap little telephone.

I was hoping to gain some insight in to the neg list player we picked up.
Too much secrecy with the neg list!

I thought that was kind of neat to see what it is like during a CFL draft. Obie et al seem to have gotten pretty much all the players they were targeting and that can't be a bad thing with Obie and Dan Rambo's shrewd eye for talent.

Good times are ahead my friends,

  • paul

Yeah, very interesting video. I can imagine another team putting a video like that together.

I just hope that this Masse is much better than the last MAAS we had...

:thup: :thup: :thup:

No doubt about it, the TiCats are leading the field off the field. :slight_smile:
The other bad news for the rest of the league is that they finally have the people running the team who know what they’re doing.

I guess they just don't want other leagues like the arena league and even NFL to have access to that information.

Good of Obie and the coaches to share that private time with us.

I really enjoyed the video, too.

The coaches and management all seemed very happy with the players they selected.

Now let's win some games.