Inside Kitties vs la Belle Province Game Thread

Ok, I know it's late (like third quarter) but if anyone else is chained to their desk and watching the game ya go:

Is the baby Peyton guy a monster or what?

Cahoon is out with an injury.

Al's just traded for McMahon.

They still have the hottest cheerleaders.

I wonder if Russ is at the game?

I am at home, Ockham.

I plan to go to the October 8 (?) game here with the Printers-led Cats.

And the cheerleaders are SMOKIN' LOL.

Smith and Payton are having great games.

TiCats vs Al's: Monday, October 8, aka Thanksgiving Day.

If I didn't have prior commitments, I'd make the drive.

That's how you pick up a blitz.

Woops. And that's how you screw up a big play.


Marcus Brady? This is Backups Bring It Week! :wink:

I wonder if some NCAA karma is drifting north of the border. Yesterday, App State and Williams had big days, last night the Irish got smoked again and today Jackson is sucking large.

Just things I think about when not otherwise preoccupied.


There is something absolutely beautiful about a backup flourishing when given a chance to play.

One of the greater treats in football for sure.

I hope our Dbs are watching this game, or at least the last series.

32-14 Als? Quite the slaughter! 2:30ish left.

Payton and Bishop scare me in the East right now.

Guido who?

Eakin's agent should be placing a call to the 604 area code.

Dickerson, Pierce, and Eakin are similar style QBs.

32-14 Als over Leos final.

No they aren't. Dickenson and Pierce are, ahem, how do I say this? Oh yes, I've got it....GOOD.