Inside Enemy Territory, Vol. 2, Oct. 24 update

Hi folks,

Just wanted to indicate that I`ve been incommunicado with a bad PC virus and lack of TV (damn ExpressVu people are slow as molasses to activate the upgrade my landlord has apparently ordered), so I am writing this update from the Grande Bibliotheque in Montreal...

Hopefully my PC issues will be addressed by Friday so that I will be back online. I have even missed LMAO!

Obviously what what I have gleaned in the past few weeks since I went AWOL, the team has continued to wallow in futility. Pre-training camp auditions to wind up lost seasons can do that. I hope that the team`s brainstrust will be able to salvage some needed insights into the core of players we intend to build with come next year. Along with that, there is going to have to be a hard look at the GM and coordinator posts (I think Desjardins will likely stick, but Taaffe is safe for now IMHO) -- clearly there needs to be a change at defensive coordinator and an upgrade at OC (enter Maciocia).

The offenses primary flaws remain personnel-related (depth at wideout) and that Printers continues his fall training camp in effect, trying to get a handle on a system in midstream. I believe that the team has struggled in being able to make meaningful adjustments at halftime all season long and that the OC situation has not helped Taaffe being out of the league as he has. Maciocia would bring more CFL-related OC experience to the table and this would help our gameplanning and adjustment capacity given Dannys knowledge of the CFL game and opposing personnel.

Taaffe may have to surrender some of his playcalling perogatives to get the right man for an OC replacement. However, I am optimistic that Charlie will be amenable to fixing whatever needs to be fixed. Heading for a 2-16 result doesnt exactly give one the carte blanche to dig ones heels in. He will have the four-game Marshall line into next season to show that the 2008 Tabbies are going to be competitive and have the capability to contend throught the season. If he can`t demonstrate that the Cats are going to make a go of it by then, he will be gone, IMHO.

The Dan Rambo dynamic will be interesting to watch. If Desjardins is replaced, dollars to donuts Rambo will be the in-house replacement. I think that Marcel has done enough re the Printers signing and his draft work to be retained, but that margin of comfort level is going to be precipicelike if the team cannot make enough of a dent in the FA pool and the draft to get the issues in the secondary and wideout addressed. With a QB with Casey`s ability in the saddle (and a more-than-promising guy like Williams in wait), the ability to slough off ineptitude on previous GMs not making the right calls at the pivot spot is non-existent. The team has to fix the on-field problems to the point where a playoff run next year is attainable.

Unlike some folks who write on here from time to time, I am not one of those who get my kicks at watching front office wizards blow up rubble and claim that this is progress. LOL There has to be a sense from the get-go that the team can use the Printers factor in attracting free agents and that the coaching staff from top to bottom will have a clue. We cannot have any more passengers/on the job training. We need to identify CFL-ready on-field replacements where we can sign them in our areas of weakness and have coaches who have the CFL background and aversion for Helen Keller playcalling displays to motivate, teach, and instill accountabilty into our roster. If we pull off a 2-16, it had better feel like an eight-win rebound coming out of 2008 training camp based on the football operations people getting their act in order.

I will have more to state in this thread in the coming days. I hope to be back online tomorrow or Friday so that I can get my Ticat I.V. plugged in again and discuss football here.

Until then...Oski Wee Wee!

Russ Harrison,
Plateau Montreal

I would agree with that,and I think that we need to get some new receivers too.
Im sick of seeing casey put the balls right in there hands only to see them droped.
Or maybe we just need to work closer with the ones we have sort of micromanage them.

Russ...we were worried sick.

Welcome back.


I missed last night`s game too, so perhaps that was a good thing. LOL

I am going to piece together what happened (or more to the point, DIDN`T HAPPEN)... :slight_smile:

I have been going through withdrawal, if there is such a thing. LMAO I should be back online reguarly by midweek (I`m back at the library writing this)...

Oski Wee Wee,

Update on the update (October 31)...I should be back online tomorrow (November 1). Looking forward to the usual machete-wielding repartee I expect around here. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


My offline nightmare is at an end -- just in time to read the latest fare... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

russ.... we've been missing 'of designated import' bud....