<insert Ticat name here> trade imminent?

:D :D :D

Cut and paste the template, freaks! :wink:

Oski Wee Frenzy,

trade imminent? :twisted:

You heard it here first 8)

Young for Braley!!

After all, we had Braley first (and almost drove this franchise into the ground before he figured out how to really own a team).


have your people call my people.

I heard they were trading Setta to Calgary for Huffnagel's water bottle.

Ticats are talking to Former NFL QB Daunte Culpepper

they hope talk him out of Retirement..
Roomer has it He was upset by NFL Teams Treatment of him.
Ticats want to give him a 2nd Chance to play .
this time in the CFL

Also The Ticats Are Trying to Work our a deal to Get Randy Moss From NE
Tom Brady Out for the season.
The Pats are willing to trade Moss
Right out of the NFL
For Ticats Season Tickets and a 1975 AMC Pacer.


This would reunite Culpepper with wide receiver Randy Moss for the first time since they were both Minnesota Vikings.

Don't we wish this was true
But all know this Fiction

Daunte Culpepper? why would we want that to be true?

I don't think we should give up the Pacer. With it, we could sign Wayne and Garth as free agents and they'd be alot more entertaining than this team!



Stripes for California Raisin.
He may be older but is still faster and has better rhythm.

The new Pig Skin for a bowl of soup…

Onknight: Be careful about the old AMC Pacer reference.
Have you noticed how closely the Subaru Impreza (until this year) resembles the Pacer? Maybe it was ahead of its time. Is there a message here? :wink: