INSANE PLAY! (Holy Trinity) MUST SEE !


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13 Laterals!

Thats insane!

Thanks for the link!

According to the story on it was 15 laterals. I didn't count but it was pretty amazing.

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I counted 15.

13, 15, whatever...that was outstanding.

What an ending.

Better than "The Band is on the Field"?

Yes, besides that was 25 years ago. Hard to believe it was that long ago, isn't it.

Thats probably the longest play I've ever seen

Tremendous, many thanks for the link.
By my watch 1 minute, 2 seconds from the snap to TD.

Longest I remember in CFL - 1961 2nd game of 2 game total-point eastern final Ticats vs Argos:
Argos punt, Sudsy catches in Ticat end-zone , 1 step and kicks back to Argos. Mann catches, kicks back - Faloney catches 10 yards deep in end-zone, then a great display of broken-field running (and illegal blocking) as he runs to Argo end-zone, and nearly collapses. Still ranks as the greatest play I have personally seen, and it took 25 to 30 seconds. By the way the refs caught the illegal blocking so Bernie's TD doesn't count, but the Ticats score 4 TDs in OT (was total points, not sudden-death) to advance to GC, and lose to Winnipeg in OT.

Wow Looked more like rugby then a football play


do you think they can do that again?LMAO NOT!!!!


Had it not been called back, it would have been our ''Immaculate Reception,'' special teams style. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

That's just (American) football going back to its roots: rugby.

This example would never be aloud by cfl refs!

Thanks for the link, Jordan02. This was truly amazing football and I think, a good example of the kind of entertainment fans dream about.

The winning team really impressed me by never giving up.