inquiring minds want to know

what is your favorite position?

Inquiring minds need to be more specific. Favorite position in terms of what?

  • during a romantic encounter?
  • position on the Lions roster? On a hockey team? When playing mixed doubles in tennis?
  • when discussing politics, religion?
  • when having an argument with my wife?
  • when taking a whiz?
  • when waiting at the check out for my groceries?
  • when seated at the dining table?

Man. the list is endless… :lol:

O-line - Jack Abendschan....Ralph Brock QB....Old School.
Edit: being right in front of the stage, looking up at Alvin Lee Of Ten Years After.

heh heh

Ah, there's a talent. No Jeff Beck mind you, but still pretty damn good. . . saw him live once myself, ages and ages ago.

The other time being in front of the stage; John Fogerty and CCR in 1971…
Back on topic as for position; sitting down - standing up is a lot of work.

Centre - It's the least glorious, hardest working but most important position, for without a good snap, there is no play.

Isn't this considered a family site?? :o :? :lol:

assuming this is to play in football...
I love to play quarterback, just because I love to strategize, I also like to be OC for that purpose.

I also love to play receiver and D-line because thats what i was in high school

This position works for Football and for other purposes.. :wink:


Never played football in high school or anything but...

Quarterback - Love being the leader, in control, strategizing, scrambling, and chucking the ball to the receivers

Defensiveback - The feeling of knocking down a pass or making an interception and taking it the other way are the most satisfying plays to make in the game I think

Receiver - Hauling in a long pass for a touchdown, another great satisfying feeling

MLB- love being a leader, and love hitting people. Crossing routes were always my favorite. Always was a great feeling when a team tried that and you were there waiting for it, and well, good night.