Innocent until proven guilty

I have said it before and I will say it again
Innocent until proven guilty and no one should be punished until it is proven

The report refers to text messages sent by the complainant to friends immediately before and after the alleged sexual assaults, as well as in the weeks following, suggesting that she initiated sexual activity with McCool and planned to apply for his job once he was forced out because of her complaint against him.

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First red flag was that the Engineering Undergraduate Society was investigating a complaint beth two arts students...

What gets me from the article is
He was given a chance to defend himself but no details

McCool was told that the EUS had opened an investigation of a sexual violence complaint against him. He was not given the name of the complainant, the date of the alleged incident, nor any other information about it.

How are you supposed to defend yourself?

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Asking "do you understand consent" with no context isn't a chance to defend yourself in my opinion.

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