Does anybody have the clip where Larouse suffered his broken leg i am kind of interested to see what happened.

Tsn only showed him lying on the field.

I have honestly never seen a guy in so much pain that they had to stick an IV into his arm to releave some of the pain on the field rather than waiting until they got into the ambulance.

They said it was too bad to show. I'll take their word for it.

I'm glad they never showed it. I hate those replays.

As do I. I like to think I have a pretty strong stomach, but some of them make me feel sick.

Me too . After seeing the Joe Thismen injury I didn't even think I could walk .

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You got to have an iron stomach to be chearing for the Eskis these days?

Swervin, either keep it on topic or refrain from posting.

oh man that joe theisman injury was crazy! his leg snapped in half!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

The DJ Flick injury was similar, in that there was an extra bend between the knee and the ankle (ugh!) But they had no qualms about showing that, from several different angles even.

So if the Larousse injury was SO BAD that they refused to show it, imagine how bad it must have been!

I think the worst injury they replayed over and over is when Moises Alou broke his ankle(or maybe his leg), rounding first at a game in the Big Owe. It was pretty gruesome to watch. If Larose's injury is that bad, its a good thing they did not show it ad nauseum.

Oh ya. I remember that one. His foot pretty much was 90 degrees from where it was supposed to have been. I remember the second baseman just turning away - he didn't want to see it.

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What is up with the broken legs this year, seriously wth is going on, someone needs to do some more research on how effective field turf is at preventing lower leg injuries. I know its better than astro turf but wth is going on this year its just silly.