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Injured defensive-tackle Michael Klassen was at Edmonton airport Monday morning, on his feet and feeling chipper. He was able to accompany the Alouettes on their flight to Montreal.

Klassen appeared to be seriously hurt during the third quarter of the Als’ loss to the Eskimos Sunday afternoon at Commonwealth Stadium. He suffered a neck injury on a short-yardage play during which quarterback Mike Reilly kept the ball for a two-yard gain.

Klassen was on the field for about 15 minutes before he was removed on a stretcher, transported to an Edmonton hospital for precautionary reasons. He told the Montreal Gazettein an exclusive interview that he suffered a stinger —a hard shot to the neck that sends nerve sensations down into the shoulder.

When I was on the field, I couldn’t feel my arm at first,? he revealed. “The doctor (Penny Baylis) was just following protocol. I (eventually) was moving everything on the field. I knew then I was probably fine.?

Klassen underwent x-rays at the hospital before being released in less than an hour, he reported