Injury Updates...

Has anyone heard anything on the latest injuries....
Dressler got knicked up on a punt return against Edmonton, and was hobbling pretty bad. And T. Maze got hurt too. When he left the game, Bowman seemed to open a lot more.

Are those guys available for Calgary this weekend?

And any more news on Anthony Allen, Dan Clark, and Brendon Labatte???

And is Durant throwing the ball yet?

Rider Rumblings from Murray McCormick.....
Anthony Allen won't play - back spasms. Keith Toston will get his first season start, Durant is throwing a bit in practice but won't dress. Dressler and Chris Best won't play - undisclosed injuries.

Geez Best out again? Not good. I was wondering about Dressler as I didn't notice him after that kick return.
Man when it rains it pours and talk about a bad time for the injury bug to set in. Going to be a tough one for sure.

Too bad about Allen also but it will be interesting to see how Toston works out.

With Best out, I would assume Labatte is back in? Or do they run Clark and Watman at guard, and back up Adcock with Fulton?

This is all fine...
Dressler looked to have a mild him. Probably should be either way
Getz has, IMO, not been 100% all him
Allen with back him...will be great to see Toston
Chick...give the man a day off...or limited reps.
Lee should be taking primary reps
Best...if not at 100%...give Watman a go.
George - hell...if you can manage or highly rotate him

This is an opportunity to see some guys in a real game and see where they are at. Key guys I want to see/see more of in order:

  • Toston
  • Watman
  • Anthony
  • Pierzchalski
  • Sharp
  • Bastien
  • Lee

Further, I am really hoping Maze is ok. IMO that one could sting the most.
Weldon Brown and Rod Williams perhaps need to be shuffled. Time to rotate Brown and Harris IMO. They have not looked like a formidable tandem the past few weeks and this is the opportunity to mix things up.

Watman RG Clark LG, Adcock LT, Vonk the only back ups Olineman.
Calgary also resting Cornish and West. Hughes also still out.
Both teams appear to be gearing for the playoffs resting some banged up guys.
Both likely to also to rotate Dlines alot.
The Riders have Hurl at MLB so rotating Boudreaux, Chick, and Foley equally is possible as well as getting Lee some more snaps. Ferri is back to package as a cover DB at MLB and utility and Green has been playing a lot all season in the d backfield as a cover DB. Macho also healthy can play anywhere in the d backfield and at SAMLB.