Injury updates

Apparently on CJOB tonight LaPo said Ian Logan should possibly be back before LD, TJH is out for another five to six weeks and Buck Pierce, Louie Sakoda, Andre Douglas and Marcellus Bowman should be back by the Banjo Bowl.

Buck will be back just in time to get hurt for the stretch run....

.. heh,Mr. Positive.....maybe Durant will come down with a permanent case of diahrrea...nick his hand again and you'll have to play noodle arm....i guess anythings 'possible'.....including Buck getting sidelined again....but at least we have a credible back-up :wink:

The eastern division has a bye next week so that should help the bombers get some guys back in time for that home and home against the riders.

If Durant is out for any period I expect Charles will take his place, and we'll run a triple option out of our 2 TE set. Once a quarter we'll arm-punt one to Prechae or Fantuz just to keep the D honest. mean you wouldn't give Dinwoodie a shot.....I noticed he skipped a few ,with the little time you gave him, in one game...Doesnt' matter what set you really run for him though....I'll guarantee the receivers will be reaching back , or pulling one off of their boot-tops :lol: ...but heh....he's probably a shade better than Charles running a triple option....but then again :roll: :lol:

Yeah, he'd be a great cricket bowler, the way he one-hopped those passes in there...

Seriously, though, with a full week with the starters, Berry is smart enough to call a game for him that he'd be able to execute okay.

SIGH Just as we start getting guys back we lose another one. According to the Sun, Bernard Hicks hurt his knee in the game against the Als and will be out for at least LDC and possibly the Banjo Bowl too. Clint Kent will be taking his spot while Hicks is out.

What's the good word on my favorite Bomber Ian Logan?

He was practicing this week and is supposed to start.

logan, bowman both should be playing this week.. marcellus and adarius.

kent in for hicks..

possibly beasley and glover on the corners with jovon and suber inside

piece will be either playing or dressed for sure

ralph has the flu.. is questionable i think.

Good stuff.I like what he brings to the table, playmaker through and through.He caused alot of frustration for me when we first played you guys and he kept shutting down AB3 :lol:

I think Ralph only missed one day of practice because of the flu. I think he will be playing.