Injury updates

For those of you with an ear to the radio or in Saskatchewan that can update sooner

What is that status on Fantuz and Durrant?? I mean not speculations but rather team updates.

CBC reporting that Fantuz has a broken fibula. Saw the catch and wow - didn't see anything that looked like he actually broke something

My sis was watchgin the game at home and said Fantuz's foot was facing the wrong way, so its likely a broken something, and it was speculation that it was a broken fibula but wasn't certain. Durant has 3 fractured ribs and has been placed on the 9 game injury list

cbc reporting doesn't mean much, HOWEVER... as i saw the replay on tv, i can confirm thats what i thought happened. although im no insider

Durant on the IRL - Dam :frowning: I thought ribs where normally 2-4 games then they hook them up with a flack jacket?

They put him on the 9 game list?

They aren't fractured ribs, they're cracked. Much less worse.

Ugh not happy about the 9 game list I figured 4 to 6 weeks and there is a buy week in there too. But it may have to do with what the salary cap situation is and getting some contracts off the salary cap.

Personally speaking from what I saw Andy dislocated that ankle and popped it back in himself on the field, He may have broke the leg too but its right at the ankle what ever it is but his foot wasn't pointing the right way and he seemed to push it back in with his other leg but I couldn't look at it anymore and had to look away. I would imagine he is gone for the rest of the year or possibly may be back come playoff time.

Usually ribs are only a month but I think because the ones he cracked are under his throwing arm(guessing from the looks of the play) that is why he is on the 9 game list.

Since we are all supposedly whiners, should we not be complaining about the fact that the defender hit Durant's ribs with the top of his helmet which would be a spear? (I'm kidding about the complaining so don't flame me)

As far as Fantuz goes, watching him fix the location of his foot was gross but what amazed me is that he looked like he was acting like it didn't even hurt. Geez, the guy's a monster.

Agreed. How many broken ribs will it take before the CFL starts calling spearing?

Tillman reported to the media that Fantuz does in fact have a broken left fibula...not good...anyone know if this is season ending or is there a possibility of playoffs for him?

Depends on the type of break. I hope it's only 9 weeks.

Went to game. Couldnt tell how bad it was. People told me TSN showed his leg turned sideways. Hope Fantuz came come back this year. Maybe for playoffs.

No Fantuz. No Flick. No Chick. No Dressler. 3 quarterbacks. How does Riders keep winning?

Miller is 1 hell of a coach. I said Riders should have hired Richie Hall. I was wrong. Austin and Miller have turned out great. Glad Barrett is gone. Shivers biggest mistake.

Austin, no need to mention shivers. All you are doing is faning flames and inviting a backlash. If you really HAVE to mention shivers, you don't need to say unequivocally it was a big mistake (maybe just keeping him on the last couple years or something) as he did incrementally improvethe team.

Everyone else: brace yourselves for the onslaught. If you are sensible, you will just not respond to that point.

The 9 game list is a little different this year in that you get to pull 2 players off of it early. My guess is DD will be one, but in the meantime, they'll save some cap $$. I would have thought a couple weeks off and then a flak jacket (rb's do this the next week) but there's probably a lot of pulling with a QB's throwing motion, and the last thing you need is an elbow or other sympathetic injury occurring as he compensates for the ribs.

Hopefully 4 weeks is enough, and they'll yank him off the IR.

When you fracture or crack ribs you damage the cartilage
as well. I know I was kicked in the rib cage by a horse.
You not only have to heal the ribs but the cartilage as well. It took me three months to fully recover and return to riding. I hope he is a fast healer he is exciting to watch.

Well you can only pull off one perhalf season, and if you do ALL the salary from the time they went on the 9 game counts.

Well I hope the keep calling spearing, but if you are thinking the DD was speared, I think you are wrong. It looked to me that he lead with his facemask which is league.

OK, scrub the salary-saving component then. But if DD's ready early, I expect they'll yank him off the IR when they can. He's not making big bucks this year anyway.

Oh and james Johnson missed like half the game cause he had a cuncussion so he is unknown for next game...