Injury Update

8) TSN is reporting that TiCat Receiver Aaron Kelly is being listed as day to day as a result of a concussion he received
   in Friday's game.

   Other news, Calgary DT. Corey Mace tore his achilles tendon in Friday's game against the Argos.
   Mace is scheduled for surgery this week, and in all likelihood will be lost for the season.

   Of course all TiCat fans on this site will remember the Corey Mace saga very well !!

So any guesses who comes off the IR or PR to replace him? His clone, and main competition in camp, Bakari Grant? McDaniel? Kohlert? Or do they just bring someone else at another position, and dress Williams next week?

My preference is McDaniel, as he will be extra-motivated to re-establish himself as a go-to receiver. Unless, of course, all the "injuries" are true injuries, in which case Kohlert or Williams are the only options.

Kelly looked horrible out there, I really hope Grant gets a shot.

I assume Kelly must be looking really good in practice, because from what I have seen he has had a number of catchable balls dropped in games. While Grant may have only had two great catches in the pre-season game he looked really sure handed.

Personally I'd like to see McDaniel come in because IMO all this guy does is catch the ball, with very few drops. It's too bad they don't keep stats on this, like percentage of balls caught. This would give more insight on how well a receiver is playing.

I would really like to see Chris Williams in the game, but that probably means someone else needs to sit. If Thigpen doesn't play a little better, Williams should be put in.

On a related note about injuries, I believe Williams was the player we got from Calgary's negotiation list when we traded the rights to Cory Mace.


The reason McDaniel was fighting for a job in Training Camp was because he dropped so many passes last year. He's far from sure handed. I like him, and I'm glad he's on the team, but what you say is pure fiction. McDaniel had many dropped passes in 2010. Drops ultimately cost him his 1,000-yard season.

Mace was dealt to Toronto in the Arland Bruce trade in 2009; Toronto then traded Mace to Calgary last year. Chris Williams came to Hamilton via Saskatchewan. I think it was the Prechae Rodriguez trade that landed Williams in Hamilton.

Wms. was the neg list player included in the deal along with Adam Nicolson when SSK "fleeced" us to get Rodriquez.

I have heard this said by many people as well (including a possible allusion to it by MB?), but that wasn't my impression of him last year. I'm with PJ on this. I had the impression that he was a fairly sure-handed receiver - no Stala, but not bad - who was an outlet for Glenn when his primary receivers weren't open.

I'm thinking that if there were that many drops, he would have been cut like James was. And if there were as many drops as people say, he would have been the league's leading receiver had he caught half of them? And why continue to throw to someone you didn't have confidence in? None of that makes any sense.

I'm not saying he didn't drop any. It's just that I don't remember that many, and remember him catching a lot. In fact, I thought Bruce dropped more easy balls than McDaniel did. Just my impression. I'm sure others saw it differently. As PJ says, it would be nice if this stat were available. I guess someone could go through the play-by-plays from last year and get those numbers, if they're still available. Anyone game?

Dropped passes were the reason McDaniel is where he is now. Full stop. The reason he wasnt cut is he still has trade value and a fallback if the rookies cant perform.
Comparing him to Bruce is silly .Bruce dropped some too but consistently made the key, difficult catches through the regular season if he didnt get hurt would have led the league in receiving.

First, let me say that not only can stats lie, they lie on a regular basis. But unfortunately, other than memory and perceptions, it's all I have to go by - and at my age, I shouldn't be depending too much on my memory.

So here are the stats from last year:

  • McDaniel - 57 completions, 36 incompletions - 61% completion rate
  • Bruce - 90 completions, 51 incompletions - 64% completion rate

Not much of a difference. Four more drops by Bruce, and they would have been even.

Of course, this doesn't take into account Bruce's greater ability to get open (hence more balls thrown his way), or the fact that he usually draws the defences' best DBs (which really emphasizes his greater ability to get open). It also doesn't take into account that some of the incompletions may have been deliberate throws to his feet or over his head in order to make sure he was the only player able to catch the pass. But how many of McDaniel's incompletions were that type?

Is there a quote from MB where he come out and says that McDaniel dropped too many passes? I think there was a quote where he said "some players" dropped too many, but is there any evidence that he was talking specifically about McDaniel - other than the fact that McDaniel was fighting for his position this year?

From what I saw in the home exhibition game Grant has a better nose for where the ball is. He also seems to have better control of his giant frame than Kelly. AK is only 1 inch taller.

Just my take..

Why did you leave out yardage totals and TDs ?
Out of Bruce and MM one is an all star high impact player the other one is an average player. To suggest they're "even" is ludicrous. So guess which rec's job is in danger?

No Evidence ?
Over the offseason there was talk of MM being traded.
Over the off season MB said more than once there was a problem with dropped passes.
Team explained hunt for new receivers in mini camps was to address that and warned there could be changes coming.
In the second ex. game where we were told the team would first field their "A" team MM was not on the field.
At the end of training camp MM finds himself, the only veteran starting receiver from last year, a healthy member of the IR.

So draw your own conclusions. If don't want to be burdened with facts or reality then it's all wide open for you.

Because we were talking about dropped passes. I only listed the stats related to that. I also didn't include penalties by the two players, which negated other players' successful plays.

I said they were even on dropped passes. I also mentioned Bruce's greater ability, a paragraph which you chose to omit.

Agreed that McDaniel is at risk of losing his spot (again, as I stated in my post, but you omitted) - more than likely, already has lost it, but was saved by the IR. But I was asking for hard evidence that the "problem with dropped passes" comments were aimed specifically at McDaniel. From the stats I quoted, it could just as easily have been aimed at Bruce.

Facts, from where I sit:

  • Bruce is a better player than McDaniel, as he is able to get open more often than McDaniel even though he draws the better coverage.
  • Bruce drops almost as many balls as McDaniel.

So what happened to all the talk of "sure handedness" of MM and the mystery of his demotion when you just agreed he drops 'em like Bruce ?

Reasonable to assume MB did not like AB's drops but when he spoke of dropped passes in regards to changes in the rec. corps. MM was precisely who he was talking about. There's no mystery here as it makes perfect sense.

Have to admit, I was a bit surprised by the number of drops by both players. I figured they were both about the same, but had thought they were higher completion rate. I thimnk I'll have to do the same stats for Stala, who is known for not dropping many, to see what his completion rate is. I'm assuming at this point that it's higher, but by how much, we'll have to see.

And you're probably correct about the comment being aimed at him, although at this point, there doesn't seem to be any proof of that. And yes, Bruce probably gets a pass on his drops as a result of his ability to get open, and his ability to get yards after the catch.

And for anyone interested, I ran the stats for Stala and Mann for last year.

  • McDaniel - 57 completions, 36 incompletions - 61% completion rate
  • Bruce - 90 completions, 51 incompletions - 64% completion rate
  • Stala - 82 completions, 16 incompletions - 84% completion rate
  • Mann - 55 completions, 31 incompletions - 64% completion rate

So Bruce and Mann were dead even, with McDaniel three completions back. And they were all close to the league average (based on QBs throwing between 60% and 67% last year, other than Printers at 54%).

And of course, this shows that Stala deserves his nickname, with fewer that one incompletion per game average.

So to get back on topic, If McDaniel is ready to play next week, I'd still like to see him get activated to replace Kelly. Give him a shot to show what he's got.

Kelly, who suffered a concussion against the Bombers, will need need medical approval. Chris Williams took Kelly's spot with the first team offence on Monday.

I have no proof (and I won't condescendingly talk to you like zontar jr has), but I remember a couple of key drops in the playoff game last year, which then promoted the quote about "some players" from Bellefeuille. I just assumed he was talking about McDaniel. He may not have been, but I thought he was. That's all my proof. Not concrete in the least.

But I agree with you. I hope McDaniel gets his shot this week. But it looks like it will be Chris Williams.

According to the CFL Play-by-Play, McDaniel had one dropped pass in the EDSF, as well as the fumble where he was trying for extra yardage and had the ball stripped. Mann, on the other hand, had four incompletions that game - no idea if they were his fault or not. And one of Bruce’s two incompletions has the annotation “BRUCE DROPPED PASS”; the other was a knockdown. Even Stala had a couple of incompletions (one a knockdown). The only receiver not to drop a pass was, ironically, Bauman.

Given this, if the statement was made at the end of that game, I’m thinking it was probably aimed at a few players, and not McDaniel specifically.

I saw the comment earlier about Williams getting first team reps. That could work too. And in that case, I’d like to see him back fielding punts instead of Thigpen. And get Thigpen on the field more on offence as primary receiver, secondary receiver, running out of the backfield, out in the flats, or just being a decoy. Make Edmonton’s defence worry about how to cover him.

I would like to see Bakari Grant get his shot. He impressed me during the preseason far more then Kelly did.