Injury Update/Roster Changes

Buck placed on the 9 game (no surprise)
Chris Smith, Courtney Smith, J.Smith Placed on the 1 game IR

In this week VS. Riders ---- Donald Brown (how many times has he been released and recalled?), Andre Douglas is back from the IR, Chris Garrett (i assume will play on the teams pr/kr), Oduwole.

Out This Week ---- Pierce (obviously), Chris Smith (injured), Courtney Smith (injured), J.Smith (injured)

Any news on the injuries to the 3 Smiths? I never knew until today!!
I know the depth chart doesn't mean anything (i learned my lesson) but Garrett coming in to be PR/KR (i assume), is that the reason he would be listed ahead of Bernard? Is this the end for Bernard?

Garrett will likely be on mostly for kicking situations. I understand he was practising as a receiver, not an RB in at least one practice so I'm not sure if his signing effects Bernard or not.

Injury update: Jesse Lumsden - fell down the stairs on the way to the Bomber office and broke his hip :stuck_out_tongue:

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