Injury Update For Edmonton Game

Again nothing is official just gathered this from various sources and this could change day to day. Ill keep you guys updated.

DT Cam Legault - Questionable
LB Neil McKinlay - Questionable
CB Omar Evans - Questionable, Havent heard much about him
OL Matt Sheridan - Out Indefinately
OL Dan Goodspeed - Out Indefinately
OL Aaron Fiacconi - Doubtful
QB Mike Quinn - Out, Likely out 1-2 Weeks

RB/SB Henri Childs, DT Ron Warner, and OL Mike Abou-Mechrek will all return to the lineup.

I read this morning that Evans is also ready to go......and that one of the young ni Picard will have to start on the oline....this will allow Childs to get into the line up, hope he has a good game.

I usually have a bad feeling about playing in Comonwealth, but not this time....

...good news about all three guys returning...Mike ...Ron ....Henri....i will definitely look forward to Childs returning to the line-up...he showed real promise ..till the injury bug bit him...i think we have to try him out somewhere in the scheme of things..Warner just makes our defence awesome....and AbouMechrek....well we all know whats happened to the 'o' line....we need him bad... :thup:

I wonder if Dante Booker will be dressed.


I'm optimistic about facing Edmonton, but I still have a bit of a bad feeling that I just can't seem to shake off.

It'll be good to get those guys back.
Booker, didn't he have like 3 penalties last game?

well it looks like omar evans will miss another week of starting, and robert bean will get the knod this week at corner..if this is true im hoping that he can fill in smoothly and make it seem like he isnt there

For the second straight week, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will be making a whopping seven roster changes.

The Bombers (3-2) battle the Eskimos (2-2) tomorrow night at Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium (9 p.m., TSN/CJOB), and they will have four players dressing for the first time this season.

WR Henri Childs, OL Dominic Picard, DE Stevie Baggs and QB Russ Michna will all make their 2006 debuts tomorrow night, while DT Ron Warner and OLs Mike Abou-Mechrek and Marc Parenteau will also be returning to the lineup.

The injured players coming off the roster are OLs Dan Goodspeed (knee) and Matt Sheridan (groin), and QB Mike Quinn (sternum), while the healthy scratches are CB William Fields, DTs Dante Booker and Martin Lapostolle, and S John Sullivan.

Aaron Fiacconi is healthy enough to start, which means the Bombers will be dressing seven offensive linemen, with Parenteau and Picard serving as the backups. Winnipeg lost three O-linemen to injury in Saturday's 44-16 loss to Montreal.


Finally, since Omar Evans (groin) isn't healthy enough to play and Fields has been benched after a poor showing against the Alouettes, Robert Bean will make his first CFL start at cornerback.

CHILDS' PLAY: WR/RB Henri Childs, who's been out for a month and a half with a knee injury, will line up as Winnipeg's fifth receiver tomorrow night.

Childs wowed the team brass with his tailback abilities during the pre-season, but he got hurt in the second exhibition game.

Now that he's healthy, Childs will get a chance to put his stamp on the fifth receiver spot that Quentin McCord and Shockmain Davis have struggled to secure.

"It's still the first third of the season, and we want to make sure that we're playing with the right guys for the rest of the season," Bombers head coach Doug Berry said.

"We know he's a good football player ... so we'll just find out how good he might be."

LATE HITS: The Bombers leave for Edmonton this afternoon ... Eskimos LB A.J. Gass won't play tomorrow night, while SB Mookie Mitchell is doubtful. Both have hamstring injuries ... Bomber DB Gabriel Fulbright is the self-proclaimed fastest Bomber after beating Shockmain Davis in a post-practice race yesterday.

Bean wont see the field much on defense. Sucks that Omar Evans is out again, I knew that they would keep him out until the 28th when he will be 100% for Hamilton.

...I HATE TO SAY IT ....BUT....those games against the Cats' are 4 pointers...and you definitely want to be as healthy as you can for those...HOWEVER..i don't like the idea of conceding 2 points and just experimenting against the Esks....we should be out to win every game...hopefully we can turn things around after the last game..and put some hurt on the ESKS...who knows we may come away with 2 points...i think they can be had.. :wink:

You dont want Evans our best cornerback to Reinjure his groin though and have the injury nagging him all season long.

I think this is a good move to keep him out, we also have alot of things going against us this week. Playing Hamilton we should win them both and Evans will be healthy so its a win win situation.

well said…he injured himslef in the first toronto game…and then started the edmonton game, which he later agrivated his injury in the 4th quarter when he recovered a fumble

hes sat out the last 2 games, and now 3 after tomorrow…and i dont think you want to test a groin or hamstring injury, because they will nag you all year long…look at malbrough last year…he had a gorin or hammy injury all through the year, and he was never able to play at the level he is capable of

so my point is…keeping evans out for this game is a good idea…actually a great idea because we dont want to lose him for the seasonfor bringing him back 1 week early…especially when there are 12 games remaining…a lot to be decided

DT Cam Legault - Out
LB Neil McKinlay - Out
CB Omar Evans - Out
OL Matt Sheridan - Out
OL Dan Goodspeed - Out
OL Aaron Fiacconi - Active
QB Mike Quinn - Out
LB John Sullivan - Out
DL Martin Lapostolle - Out
CB William Fields - Out
DB Gabriel Fulbright - Out
DL Dante Booker - Out
WR Quentin McCord - Out
WR Shockmain Davis - Out

STEVIE Baggs! will see be in the lineup tonight. This is awesome maybe he will be subbed in for Tom Canada on some downs. Picard & Parenteau will be dressed, Which im sure you all know.

Alot of changes this week, there a few things that im wondering about though. I think its stupid we have 3 Safties dressed and a possible 4th in Logan, Bearman, Hebert, and Ockimey but only have 4 CB/HB's dressed in Malveux, Malbrough, Samuels, And Bean. I think we could have gone without Bearman and Dressed Fields in case one corner went down, Plus Fields is a better player than Bearman. This stupid fucking NON IMPORT/IMPORT Ratio is starting to fuck us over. I dont even think Jermese Jones will play. Also sucks that we have Darryl Ray playing again, when we could possibly have a better WR in McCord playing.