Injury status

At the game last night, I watched with much concern as our best cover back, Randee Drew, was helped off the field with what looked like a pretty serious leg injury. He wasn't putting any weight on the leg at all. Can anyone update us on Drew's status?

For that matter, when is Estelle close to returning? Proulx?

Anyone know who replaced Drew in the game? The talking heads on TSN omitted to give us that little nugget of information.

No idea on Estelle or Proulx; but I sure hope Estelle is ready after the break; if not, get Khalil Carter in there, Kizer is not getting it done.

According to Herb Z's blog, it's a knee sprain at the very least, which could keep Drew out for 2-6. If the MRI shows ligament damage, his season is probably done.

MJ, agreed that Kizer isn't getting it done. I'd try Cody at halfback, hopefully a healthy Boulay at corner, and insert Carter if Cox doesn't elevate his play.

Cody belongs at HB; Boulay I'm not sure he'd be good on the corner, who knows; but Carter I would not insert at HB; he's a corner, play him there if Estelle isn't ready yet.

That said, we are looking GREAT this year !!!!!!!!!

Good point about Carter. I forgot that corner is his natural position. I only suggested Boulay at corner because the Jets had been working him at corner in his NFL tryout so he wouldn't be completely new to it.

He also played corner his entire college carreer. Hopefuly for Drew its just a sprain. Als have lots of depth on defense. Proux and Boulay are ready to go and Cody and Carter should be able to help.

Depth is a wonderful thing.......

Sanchez, Estelle, Carter, Woldu, and maybe Boulay available on the corners, as well as Jesse Hendrix when he comes off the injured list; send Kizer a ticket home.

Boulay, Proulx, Wright, and Smith (who I have found quite impressive) at safety.

Drew, Cox, Cody, and Alexander available at HB

When the coaches evaluted the team it was perceived that both the offensive and defensive lines were areas of concern. The defensive line shows greater strength in the defensive rush than a year ago. Williams has been added strength here. This line's strength makes the linebackers and defensive back's tasks somewhat easier as it greatly contributes to the overall strength of the team- and players are working splendidly and are well coordinated .

Damn, I completely forgot about Hendrix! What’s going on with him? I assume the injury is serious enough to warrant 9-game IR status.

And Hfxtc, do you have official confirmation that Proulx and Boulay are ready to go?