Injury Return Dates

Does any one know when Ken-Yon Rambo or Ryan Thelwell are slotted to return to action because we have been able to move the ball but those weapons would make us very good, with rambo and bryant as recievers, and lewis and thelwell/franklin, it would be very potent

Rambo just started practicing with the first team offence this past week. At best he may return for the Riders game in Calgary on July 24. He did not accompany the team out east. I read he did full sprints and routes in practice, so it sounds like he is pretty close. Whether he will be the same player as he was before is a big unknown though until we see him play again.

Thelwell is still on the shelf, I don't think he practiced at all this past week. His status is unknown at this stage.

Got my tickets already to the Riders game on July 24 at McMahon! Should be a wild one, hopefully a first place showdown! Hope the Rider fans come in cocky and head home with their tails between their legs! 8) :rockin: :o

Ya thats what im hoping for, and since rambo has taken his time making sure he is 100% he should be the same player after a little while of getting the rust off, imagine our offence minus o line

Romby Bryant WR Nik Lewis SB Henry Burris QB, Joffery Reynolds RB P.K Sam/Arjei Franklin SB Ken-Yon Rambo WR that would be an extremely potent offensive team, and when thelwell is there a five reciever set would make us even better with him rotating with sam and arjei probably

is J. jackson really hurt, or is he on the onjury list just to make room on the roster?

If Ryan T. cant get healthy this year, a person wonders if he might become a coach or something. much like jason tucker.

Anyone know how bad forzanni is injured? Hopefully he is healthy for playoffs