How clean did we come out of this game does anybody know

I am more than certain that every player showers after the game. Since THF has artificial turf, there would be no mud and grass stains on the uniforms. As for injuries, I cannot remember seeing a Ti-Cat team member getting injured.

If there are any serious problems I don't think we or anyone outside the team will hear about them before Saturday. Remember the old adage 'Loose lips sink ships'; i.e. don't give the enemy any info that can help them.

hey displaced cats fan did you happen to give the players their irish sping soap in the locker room as well

I most certainly did - with the ropes attached as well. Unfortunately I ran out of saucy redheaded Irish lassies to hand them their towels, so I had to perform that duty as well.

Does THAT answer your original question?

Calgary will be without two starting defensive linemen on Sunday, including Charleston Hughes

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Such a shame.