injury report

Does anyone know where I can find an injury report. I’m trying to find out if Keith is hurt and will play this week (Eskimos 32001 said he wouldn’t) (this would be for eskimo 32001’s fantasy pool). I’ve looked here, at, and at rideville to no avail.

…and yer apt to not find one either…remember we are LIVE now, not preseason and any GM that allows his club to broadcast iffy injuries is a dumb GM…it is all smoke and mirrors…

And you would be right. I guess if it is released it’ll be released as the mysterious ‘upper body injury’

…now your talking like a GM…

Isn’t that just for the playoffs?

Anyways, in Montreal, Michael Jenkins is on the injury report right now. When a reporter asked Don Matthews what was Jenkins’ injury, Matthews candidly answered “He’s not injured. We’re just hiding him on that list.”

You gotta love the Don…

that is a nice line… wats the problem with picking Cory Holmes?.. he’ll get almost as many rush yards as Keith, more recieving yards, and he could very well get a return or two for TDs… just go with the safe pick and go Holmes

Keith is not practicing they will see how his ribs feel as the week progresses and make a decsion then.