Injury report

Has anyone heard news of the players who were banged up during the game?

Hopefully none too critical!

No news yet, hopefully Milton will have something after practice. Neither one looked good to me - Vosean Joseph was a shoulder I think and Mulumba got carted off. Thought it may have been a knee.

Don’t recall anyone else being attended to.

My guess is that both Mulumba and Joseph along with Anthony Johnson will start the season on the 6 gm IL .

Coach “O,” when questioned by Steve Milton, post practice Monday, said Mulumba would be available for the second pre-season game, but they quite likely won’t play him. He added that he was in a lot of pain, when carted off the field on Saturday. So, good news, it’s not as serious as some were guessing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thats if you believe everything that Stein says.


So when he’s says nothing, he’s criticized….when he says something, he’s criticized….really?


Are you suggesting that he is a liar?


Thanks for the update Ottawacat.

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It’s obviously all a ruse. The truth: Mulumba will NOT be available, but he WILL play, and he is NOT in pain.


After being none of our business for so long ts good to talk about transparency and injuries again.

In Stein we trust.

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Any word on Joseph?

Haven’t seen or heard anything, at least yet. It appeared to be right shoulder or arm. I did hear Dinwiddie give a better, than perhaps expected, report on Gittens, calling his injury a bruised shoulder.

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Are you telling me Dinwiddie gave an honest and informative answer to a media question? Refreshing.


The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Tuesday, the football club has signed American defensive tackle Ellison Hubbard and activated national offensive lineman Chris Van Zeyl from the injured veteran list.

Hubbard, 23, most recently played eight games in his lone season at Sam Houston State (2022), where he registered 15 total tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks and one fumble recovery. The 6-2, 285-pound native of Loganville, Georgia began his collegiate career at Colorado State University, where he played 41 games over four seasons (2017-20), posting 93 total tackles, 16.5 tackles for loss, 10.5 quarterback sacks, one pass defensed.

The football club also announced the following players have been added to the six-game injured list:

AME—WR—Anthony Johnson
AME—DL—Cedric Wilcots


Good lord give it a rest already


A couple of days before the pre-season game receiver Anthony Johnson was injured during practice and according to training camp observers was “carted off the field” which usually means something more serious than your average bumps and bruises. During his day before the pre-season game (May 26) press conference Steve Milton asks Stein about the availability of Johnson for the game to which Stein replies “No, he won’t play tomorrow. He’ll be alright, he’ll be fine, he just won’t play tomorrow”. Fast forward to this morning’s transactions and lo and behold Anthony Johnson has been placed on the 6-game injury list. As a long-time season ticket holder and die-hard fan I would just like the head coach of my favourite football team to be honest and transparent when talking to the media. Is it too much to ask for?


This is what a great post looks like.

I don’t think there is any pro Coach that wants to talk publicly about injuries to his players,
and with good reason


Anthony Johnson can’t seem to catch a break. He had a promising debut last year until a nasty hand injury sidelined him fort he rest of the season. Now again he is on the 6-game and this time he didn’t even get out of camp. I’m thinking one more injury and the Cats will cut him loose.