Injury report

Did Breaux and sutton get injured or were they being rested

  1. I don’t think Sutton was injured, I saw him laughing and joking with a former Al’s team mate on
    the field after the game, and he looked to be fine. Probably just pulled him out of game to keep
    him healthy and to give some work to Irons.

Did hear during the game that Breaux was seen on the bench with ice on his one knee !!

I saw Breaux on his feet on the sideline during the second half.

If Breaux suffered any kind of significant injury, Sciannitti would have reported on it from the sideline during the game.

I saw him icing his knee so he isn’t 100%.

From the sidelines at BMO?


On the TSN broadcast.

  1. Thank you TommyBoy, for verifying that fact !!

Some people on here, just don’t like the truth being told to them ::slight_smile: :-[

I hope he is ok.

Saw him hobbling around King and James in a walking boot wearing a sandwich board…
"Im Hurt. Why Wasn’t I Rested? "

Hopefully its not major. He does have a couple of weeks to recover.

;DYou have a vivid imagination!

Breaux route to pro football was a tuff one.
Inhured spine before his college career even started at LSU.
Worked his way back to football in the Arena league.
Came to Hamilton and off the bat he was a shut downd CB.
Got his NFL stint played Well returned to Hamilton still a top shut down corner.
But has been banged up alot this year.
Rough road & tuff kid.
But football is a ruff sport

Breaux plays with heart and definitely had a tough journey.

He had a great season with the Saints in 2015, but then injuries took their course.
Apparently due to his previous back injuries he had to sign a waiver releasing the team of any liability if he suffered another back injury.
Also, had trouble passing physicals down in the NFL. Glad he is Cat again, wishing him great health this year and beyond.

Yup. I hear that. That kid has HEART.

My only injury concern is Nick Shorthil. He was limping and being helped off the field …he is a great special teams national player. .and situational linebacker. He is virtually impossible to replace as an elite strong tackling national special teams beast.

Anyone know his status ?

Both he, and Sutton, were put on the Inured List, Tuesday.

Hope Sutton’s assignment is a roster move, and not a major injury. This will at least give him two weeks beyond Saturday’s game, if he is seriously nicked.

17 tackles in the 2 weeks Shorthill subbed in for Simoni

We pushed our luck to think any RB could start four straight games for us. Three is the limit for the 2019 Tiger-Cats.

Not sure what this means for the playoffs.