Injury Report

Who is available and who's not against the wild horse?

Austin stated in his media scrum today that both Tasker and Murray are both definite scratches for Saturday's game.
Dyakowski and Toliver on the other hand are both back practising today but Gable is still not out there and questionable for the game. Austin also stated that newly acquired DB Johnny Adams will be suiting up and playing Saturday. No word yet on Johnny Sears who is still currently listed on the 6 gm. Owens, Stephen, Scheurman and Coates all definitely out as all are on the 6 gm as well. The team currently at this time is showing 16 players on the 6 gm and 6 players on the 1 gm IL and with the acquisition of Adams are currently showing 47 players , 1 over the limit on the active 46 man roster at this time.

here is more from Drew Edwards at 3 DownNation : ... -practice/

Thx forgot about third down nation and Drew :thup:

I keep wondering when there'll be news of Olsen returning to practice. It's just over a year since he was injured (same game as Zach) and Pete, who also had that injury in the 2013 GC returned in a year to play. I thought Olsen might have at least started practicing by now.

Regardless - there are still too many key starters out and with some of them on the 6 game, they aren't going to be seeing the field again any time soon. :frowning:

According to Drew , Chad Owens has had surgery on a broken foot and is gone for the season .

So when he went down in his last game, he went back out onto the field with a possibly broken foot to finish the game? That guy has heart.

Among many things I loved, as a fan, in the good old TiCat days of the 50's and 60's, and even the 80's, and those final couple of years of the last century too, was finding out the details of a TiCat star's injury much, much earlier than 18 days after it occurred. I'd like know more about how, and exactly when, this one happened. Was there more to it than just the THF turf? I hope so.

I'm sad for Chad and the team. I'm sure his play, work ethic and personality motivated his teammates. I have nothing but respect for him in his days as an active TiCat.

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Nothing on CH CH so its unofficial when I hear it's official I'll believe it ? How reliable is this source

Believe what you want , he's gone for the season .

Owens heared nothing other than he is on the 6 game did the Ticats confirm he is out with a fracture ? Anyone seen him in a cast down at THF?

Did something go missing with your post, cats99? Owens must know if he is injured, and the extent of his injury, especially if he had surgery!

That's the most reliable source you'll find. CHCH is useless. Just trust what Drew Edwards posts.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago
#Ticats have moved REC Luke Tasker to the 6-game injured list. :frowning:

Bad news :frowning:


It's hard to imagine how they'll get anywhere in the final stretch without Tasker. One or more of the replacement inside receivers is going to have to step up big time or we'll be done like dinner.

8) If you rely on CH for your latest news in sports (even TiCat) news, then you are in serious trouble !! :lol:
  You even admitted it yourself that they had no news of Owens surgery on his broken foot.   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Tasker on six game ,oh that is a big blow for us ....., what's his injury ?

Are you saying Fantuz can't just keep catching 15 passes each game?

I'll assume you're being sarcastic, but for the benefit of others, Fantuz caught 15 passes for 130 yards (8.7 yard avg) in our 36-17 loss to Calgary. The week before (the first week without no Tasker and no Owens) he caught 9 for 113 yards (12.6 yard avg) in our 20-18 loss to Saskatchewan. Fantuz's production certainly increased in the absence of Tasker and Owens the past two games, but considering we still lost both games, and scored less than 20 points in both, I'd say it's unrealistic to think that Fantuz alone picking up the slack is a recipe for success. In particular, if the other inside guys don't establish themselves as credible threats, it will be straightforward for teams to key on Fantuz.

Ticats WR Andy Fantuz needs 74 yards to reach 1,000 for the 2nd time in his CFL career.