Injury report...

Herb is saying that Gemara Williams year with the Alouettes is over. Ligaments are torn in the knee. Hendrix and Boulay are unlikely able to play Monday. Could Khalil Carter finally get his chance to play?

I hope so. Carter is a veteran DB who should do just fine playing inside halfback. He steps in and everything is okay. We can dress Woldu and Smith as backups in case someone gets injured during the game.

I guess the have no trust in the practice roster. As per Rds Montreal has signed 31 year old NFL traveller Kiwaukee Thomas.

What do you know about Kerry Watkins? He didn't play last week, so I don't want to put him on again only to find out he's still out.

What's happening with Elijah Thurmon? I thought they put him on teh 9 game DL at the beginning of the season?

They put him back on the 9-game IR midway through the season. He won't play this year.

I think the Als may be hiding a few players LOL! Popp is like David Copperfield :slight_smile:

Is Cobourne still injured ?

Do you mean injured again?
He played the first half but sat out the second

That explains why I got frig all for him in fantasy. Any idea how bad it is?

sorry no

As per Herb Z - The Snap

Alouettes tailback Avon Cobourne suffered a sprained right ankle in the first quarter of Monday's game against Hamilton, and likely will be sidelined indefinitely.
If that's the case, let him rest until East Finals..1 month of rest, then if he's able to play, he'll play like a madman & tear the opposing D apart ! Just like when he came back from that injury vs SSK (125 yards)...

That puts me back down to one running back, unless Cates comes back next week, which doesn't sound likely.

Really tough losing Cobourne again. We don't need him for the regular season, but in the playoffs, I want no. 6 taking the handoffs, catching passes, and blocking. Imoh and Dierdrick have both done well in relief, but Cobourne is explosive.

With Cobourne out who are the Als leaning at to start at RB on Sunday, DD or Imho? I got Cobourne in my fantasy league and both DD and Imho. Gotta get some help to win the league :slight_smile:

I'd expect Imoh to get the bulk of the carries, unless the game is over in the fourth quarter and it's garbage time with the backups.

I agree with discipline. I only expect to see DD in late or when the Als go to a 2 back set.