Injury report from Coach, some encouraging news.

Coach Marc Trestman said injured defensive back Jerald Brown will come off the nine-game injured list next week and he hopes to have him back before the end of the season, but another DB, Dwight Anderson, was still hampered by a quadriceps injury.

As for three players out with concussions, middle linebacker Shea Emry is "starting to come around’’ and safety Etienne Boulay may be well enough to start attending meetings next week, but safety Tad Crawford attended the game Sunday and "didn’t feel well,‘’ said Trestman.

Now backup defensive lineman Chima Ihekwoaba has also seen a doctor about headaches.

Encouraging news. One more win tomorrow and we'll have plenty of time to work them back in the lineup for nov. 20.

I think you will see them worked in before that, last thing you want is a guy going in cold in playoffs. I suspect we will see Shea in BC. I'm sure he's working hard to play in his home town if he can manage it. Would not be surprised to see Boulay and Brown in a rotation in the ESF or EF. Only one can come off the nine game...

Tout de même étrange que Trestman ait indiqué cette semaine à Didier Orméjuste (en pognant les nerfs, selon Herb) qu'il n'avait pas demandé au médecin la nature de la blessure d'Anderson, et que par ailleurs il fait le point sur celle-ci maintenant.

Enfin, ce sont de bonnes nouvelles, et l'addition de Brown ne pourra pas nuire.

Boulay would be a welcome addition to the backfield. Guzman seems to have filled in rather well replacing Emry.

Unfortunately with concussions, who knows for sure if they will be ready to go in the next couple of weeks.

I've seen Shea's tweets recently, he's sounding pretty good. He's working out and eating better. Boulay less sure.

Taking football out of the equation for just a moment, I'm just glad to hear that Shea's recovering, as are the others. Never a pleasant sight for these kind of injuries to happen on the football field, since they affect the players on AND off the field.

But of course, I also hope to see them take to the field as soon as they're healthy. :wink:

I know that I could be wrong but,to me,the outcome of tomorrow's game will dictate the Als decision regarding Jerald Brown;if the Als win,they will clinch 1st place and,for this reason,will wait November 19,2011,before adding Jerald to the active roster; Jerald is due to come off the 9 game injury list on November 19,2011,1 day before the Eastern final. Why would the Als add approximately between $48,000 and $52,000 to the 2011 salary cap,if you don't really need the player before the Eastern final?On the other hand, if they lose tomorrow then Jerald could be added to the active roster as early as next week,provided he is in good health/ready to come back then.

If they win tomorrow and Jerald Brown is activated to the active roster, only in time for the Eastern final,the dollars saved,against the salary cap,could/will serve to sign some of our current players, on their option year or a year from their option year,before the end of December 2011.With the dollars available/saved, we could give signing bonuses to some of our players,provided they sign a long term agreement.-at least 2 years +option-.A signing bonus could be given in 2011,the player's 2012 salary could increase by a small amount and by more in 2013, since Anthony will have retired at end of 2012. With his retirement, I foresee that a net amount of no less than $200,000 and as much as $240,000 will be available.

Some of the players that we could sign,before the end of December 31,2011 are:
Josh Bourke-29 years old. On his option year.
Scott Flory-35 years old. On his option year.
Andrew Woodruff-26 years old. 2012 will be his option year.
Jamel Richardson-29 years old. 2012 will be his option year.
Brandon Whitaker-26 years old. 2012 will be his option year.

If Jerald Brown does not come off the 9 game injury list, before due date/time, I am positive that the Als will have no less than $120,000 and as much as $180,000 available,from the current year salary cap, to sign some of our players to new contractbefore the end of December 2011. The signind bonuses,before end of December 2011, will apply/count against the 2011 salary cap, although these bonuses will serve mainly for 2012.

In the meantime,let's hope that we win tomorrow; should we lose, it will be almost impossible to finish in first place.


Would be great if Josh and Scott hung around. With the gong show going on in Saskatchewan I'm hopeful that if he's offered a proper deal Scott will finish his career in Montreal. Josh I think has made some family sacrifices to be an Als. I have no idea how that's all worked out for him. Andrew is another guy that would be highly sought after by the two Alberta teams but he's just getting established and very smart. I think he will stick around.