Injury Questions?????

Just watching from the comfort of my arm chair, I have two questions for the Eskie fans at the game.

Was Maas still injured? I thought with the score so lopsided, that he may have got some “reps” later in the game rather than risk injury to Ricky Ray.

Was Morris injured? I didn’t recall seeing him. I didn’t hear any injury reports on TSN (Unless It was when I was re-filling the beer mug). Did he get injured early? Did he start?

Your defense looks awesome. Can’t wait till the Lions play. Looking forward to those games!

Just checked the Eskies website, and Chris Morris wasn’t listed on the roster. Did he get traded? Retired? Did I fall asleep the last month and miss something?

im pretty sure Morris retired, the only injury was to Lefsrud, he should be okay.

Maas is still a lil banged up.

I didn’t think Morris was that old…Shesh… I guess I’ll have to pay more attention to the rosters.

Morris is injured. Maas could have played if called upon. If he’s not 100% yet I would think he’s pretty close.

Morris is not injured, he’s not even on the roster.

Morris is injured.

maybe he’s on IR

Morris played in the preseason, so he didn’t retire.

Also, all the cuts were announced in the team’s press releases and Morris was not one of them. He is still an Eskimo.

He has ti be injured.

It’s just the monkeys running the Eskimos website for some reason don’t post that information.

Morris was on the injured list for the game. Maas could have played. Danny just wanted to let ricky get game action. I’ll bet if the same thing happens in winnipeg Maas will get in at the end of the game. I wish the dudes at the EE website would be a little more prompt with roster moves and posting the whole list including IR and PR. Last week the playin roster had to be in to the league on wednesday but they didn’t update the depth chart until friday afternoon.

Thanks Guys!
I didn’t think Morris was that old.

morrris was just on the news, hes injured with a ****ed up knee and theres no word on when him and lefrsud wil be back

k kenton keith is injured that really sucks for rider fans :frowning:

Why it is only one player what happen to all that depth?

ya but he’s our best running back, were not saying Holmes isn’t good. But kk is #1 for a reason, I don’t know about you but I don’t know of any team, that would rather start there back up running back. Do you?

Although we are fortunate to have that much depth, its nice not having to worry so much if one guy goes down. Unless its our QB.