Injury List

Is there any news around town about the guys who are out re injury? There's a lot of them, so there must be something publically available.

1-Game Injured List

Name Pos I/N HT WT Born College

1 Kromah, Abraham LB International 6.00 227 1988-10-03 Duke
6 McGee, Stephen QB International 6.03 218 1985-09-27 Texas A&M
15 Moore, Tavoy RB International 5.06 196 1989-06-13 Central Washington
38 Bowman, Marcellus LB International 6.03 228 1986-10-12 Boston College
42 Caldwell, David LB International 5.11 212 1987-05-19 William & Mary
61 Figueroa, Joel OL International 6.06 320 1989-06-29 Miami
65 Reinders, Joel OL National 6.08 312 1987-10-02 Waterloo
72 Hall, Bryan DE International 6.01 295 1988-09-12 Arkansas State
82 Ellingson, Greg WR International 6.03 197 1988-12-30 Florida International
83 Fantuz, Andy WR National 6.04 220 1983-12-18 Western
88 Aprile, Giovanni WR National 6.03 220 1989-06-12 Queen's
91 Boudreaux, Brandon DL International 6.01 240 1989-06-26 Troy
92 Scott, Sam DL International 6.05 245 1987-06-23 West Chester
6-Game Injured List

Name Pos I/N HT WT Born College

5 Lamar, Lindsey RB/KR International 5.09 180 1990-09-19 South Florida
63 Dile, Marc OL International 6.04 300 1986-05-05 South Florida
67 Dyakowski, Peter OL National 6.05 325 1984-04-19 Louisiana State
68 Filer, Mike OL National 6.02 300 1990-05-06 Mount Allison
98 Atkinson, Michael DL National 6.00 312 1989-03-05 Boise State

Thanks Mike, for the list. Good to not see Collaros on it. As per the other walking wounded has anyone seen them hobbling about at mac? Are the practices open to the public and RedBlack spies?
Is there any rumour re Fantuz or Lamarr?

The team is on a bye week. There have been no practices at MAC so far thus week nor will there be any for the remainder. I know via Twitter that many players are back home in the US or other places in Canada.

I don't know specifics but would imagine that the players' report date back to Hamilton for their first practice wouldn't be until this Saturday or Sunday.

I wouldn't imagine to see any changes to the IR lists until they return to check in and return to practice. My guess is we won't get any updates until Monday or Tuesday when they're back at full practice.

Lamar is on the 6 game. Highly doubt it if he'll be reactivated early.

Still too early to say if Collaros will or won't be on the 1 game IR.

Is it a surprise to anyone that we are starting the season with a long injury list again? Sad part is that most of those guys are actually at least dinged up. Feels like "Groundhog Day" around here.

I sincerely hope Collaros is okay, but I won't hold by breath.

I have A feeling Collaros will be going 1 to 3 games .