Injury List

As per Rick Moffat this morning on CJAD:

Both AC and Londond Concussion like symptoms

Bourke and Hebert - knee

Edem - shoulder

Huge blow if Hebert and Edem are out for any meaningful stretch of time...

Yup. Hebert's been our best player on D, not to mention special teams. That's a huge loss. Did you see the way he planted Sheets to the turf so hard the ball popped loose? A beast for sure and the biggest loss of all this week.

As far as I know,Edem played the whole game and was not injured; Martin Bedard injured his shoulder-most probably separated-.


Not looking forward to much this season. Too many injuries to too many key players on O and D. We got off to a bad start, and players didn't buy in. AC has not looked sharp out of the gate.

I hope that the players can stay motivated and that there aren't any locker room grumblings. One of the pithy slogans Trestman used during his tenure in Montreal was "next man in". Hopefully, the depth chart will allow the 2nd and 3rd stringers to strut their stuff and perform.

I don't know the extent of AC's injury, but he could be out for more than one game, depending on the diagnosis. However, AC has not looked like the AC of old and this season may indeed be his swan song. I won't carp on this one, but I firmly believe that the Als should have developed a backup, considering Anthony's age. Even though he was still capable of delivering the goods, it was clear he was on borrowed time. Now look at the mess we're in. Unless a backup has been groomed properly and given meaningful reps during game situations, any backup is bound to look bad when rushed in after the starter goes down. This is likely to continue for several games until he feels comfortable out there. Even if AC gets over this latest injury quickly, I am not optimistic that he can turn his season around dramatically on the basis of what I have seen so far.

And Jim Popp is now the HC. Accordingly, his main efforts for the foreseeable future will be to try to find formulas to win. We play BC and the Argos twice each over the next four games. Winning will be a tall order and it wouldn't surprise me if the Als went 0-4 over that stretch. While he is coaching, Popp can't concentrate on bringing in new talent to shore up the injury situation.

So, barring a few minor or major miracles over the next little while, this is, to all intents and purposes, a rebuilding season.

Last comment. The success of the Als over more than a decade is due to an owner who believed in the product he had. Added to that is the wizardry of Jim Popp who was able to recruit great players and coaches to put winning and entertaining teams on the field. Has that era come to an end? Hope not. But to maintain that tradition, I envisage major changes coming sooner (i.e. before this season is out), or later (i.e. the off-season).

Pierre Durocher does write,in Jourmal de MTL that Edem was hurt; don't know how serious.


Let`s see if I have this right:

( that`s 7 offensive starters)


Injuries are not supposed to be used as an excuse. Well Im using them as an excuse. Thats our season right there.

We have to make the best of the situation by seeing what our young QBs can do, keep fighting, get 3rd place, get some of the injured back, and cause a surprise in the playoffs.

Except that we were doing squat even when everyone was healthy. In fact, you could say that Flory's injury actually improved the O-line, because he was playing brutal football prior to getting injured and Ola has been a significant upgrade.

Injuries have hit us hard, no question, but we still can't find excuses. Yesterday's game we could have and should have won, even with the injuries.

Apparently had a large ice bag on the shoulder area. How bad it is, guess we will find out tomorrow.

Als released an injured list of 8 players - Beaulieu-Richard and Roy not previously known. Perhaps Popps way of saying were not using injuries as an excuse, but.....

With a short week hard to see any of them making Thursdays game. Besides the glamour positions it seriously affects special teams. I certainly cant recall a period where we had so many injuries. Hopefully the Bourke and Hebert knee injuries aren`t serious.

Also hard to properly evaluate Neiswander if he`s playing with the "B" team.

I`m usually a positive guy, but this certainly has all the makings of a lost season. Hopefully we can limp past Winnipeg and Edmonton. And we better use it to get a proper handle on the young QBs and hopefully develop some of the other replacements.

I don't recall the Als having so many injuries and as much as 8,during 1 game; furthermore, 5 of these 8 injured players are Non-imports. Will be quite a puzzle if all these 8 players are out for next game. It will have an impact of special teams,since 4 of these injured played on special teams. 3 of the 8 injured are LB's.

If Edem does not play, I would not be surprised if an IMP starts at S,since Marc-Olivier Brouillette will,most probably, replace Kyries Hebert.

Another possibility is that NIP WR Bamba could dress,replacing Brandon London on roster; Brandon IMP spot would be by an IMP DB.

With all these injuries to special teams players, it will be imperative for the Als to insert players that could also contribute to special teams. My latest scenario:

Out: Calvillo,London, Hebert, Bourke, Edem,Bedard,Beaulieu-Richard, Roy and Denson. All dressed for last game.

IN: Smith,Bamba,S.J. Scott or Vinable,Baillargeon,Barrette,Knowles,Wells,Stewart and Adebayo,healthy scratch for last game.


I liked M Brouillete's game replacing Hebert although, one cannot fully replace him with the great season he was having. I hope all the defensive guys do not have serious injury as, they are the team's best hope now that the offense has been stripped of players. With two strong backs, perhaps the running game might step up.

Joey Alfieri of CJAD tweeted Duron Carter replaced London at practice today. Herb saying Townsend replacing Edem.

Also Denson was a college LB, could backup Brouillette at Hebert`s LB spot.

But it`s going to be a puzzle. I wonder if Hawkins owns a voodoo doll.

As per CFL transactions of today, IMP WR Duron Carter has been added to active roster-from practice roster- and IMP DE Brandon Denson has been transferred from active roster to practice roster.


Does anyone have any idea when Bear woods and Brian Ridgeway come off the injured list?

Assuming they have recovered, they would be available for Sept 8th. game against the Argos.

Lost in the pile of injuries, Jamel Richardson had his knee surgery today. Let`s wish him a full recovery.

Jamel Richardson ?@jamelrichardson 8h Successful surgery, now the grind starts now !,#built4this #comeback'14

Also lost in the pile of injuries, Bryn Roy. I didn't even realise he was on the active roster, let alone got injured Saturday. Bryn was our 5th or 6th round pick from the draft 2yrs ago. His dad was an Alberta steer wrestling champ of some sort and Bryn had a rodeo scholarship at Texas A&M commerce. Yes a rodeo scholarship does excist, in Texas it does. Who knew? Anyways, I always thought this guy was one of Popps diamond in the ruff types. Our non-import supply is running out.

I hope Kyries is ok. If he isn't in the mix Thursday, perhaps Winston Venerable will get the call. He's no Hebert but Venerable brings some serious closing speed as a LB. I'm guessing he's a DB/LB rather than a DE/LB type. There are a lot of moving pieces going on here and it's a short week too. Who knows what we'll see on Thursday. :?

Peace out,
Le Chugg. :rockin:

If Jamel can come back at 100%, he could well bounce back in 2014. He's had knee trouble for years but kept playing through it. Now he's on the shelf, rehabbing and forced to get himself physically correct before coming back. He's only 30, not particularly old in this league (at least not for a receiver). When he was healthy and focused, he was THE dominant receiver in the CFL. I'd love to see him regain his old form.

Ridgeway reviendra un jour. Woods, lui, semble y être abonné.