Injury list

On the injury list - any word on Montreal's Damon Duval's right leg and ankle? Anyone in to replace Duval or will Emry and Cahoon share the kicking?

no worrys for montreal, they will just pass long on every third down, score towndowns on every possesion, recover short kicks on every kickoff :wink:

According to CJAD radio, the Als will have 2 K/P for "tryout". They are: Colt David, who played 1 pre-season game,against Winnipeg, and Sam Swank who was signed by the Eagles-NFL- in 2009. He was "rated" the second "best" K amongst 2009 graduating players.

I expect Damon Duval to miss 1 game.


Duval did look pretty banged up. Some times kickers put on an act for the ref's but when Duval did not return following the roughing the kicker call you could tell he was banged up good.

Still trying to figure out how Calgary didn't get at least one ejection for clear intent to injure. Both Calgary players went straight for Duval making zero attempt to get out of the way and likely in full knowledge that he was already banged up. Dirty play -- take out a team's kicker because you're playing that team the next week.

By all means correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Duval get hurt when Cornish rolled up on him on a return?

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An article on Duval's injury at McMahon.