Has there been any news on the extent on the injury of Kenton Keith or Matt Dominguez as of yet? I have yet to here one but maybe I was just listening in the wrong places.

I have only heard that Dominguez has a torn ACL,…this could be rumor however. Lets hope so

I heard on the weekend that keith may be out 4-6 weeks with a sternum injury, but that was just speculation. lets hope his recovery is quicker than that.

I heard today that MD may be out for the season I too hope this is not true. I hate seeing stars missing in action. We would like to see all the best players out there playing.

One of the nicest things i have heard you say redwhite2005!! :lol:

I hope Dominguez is not out very long as well… stars are tough to replace and it’s going to test the depth of your receiving core…I know a lot of Rider fans were concerned when Stegal got cranked and quite a few have said as much …but …nuff of this love-in…hope for speedy recoveries.

I sure hope Dominguez is okay, I still haven’t heard a 100% reliable account of his injury but I just hope it doesn’t sideline him for long, he has a very promising season ahead of him. I’m concerned about KK as well but to a lesser extent right know because I now know that Corey Holmes can get it done. Don’t get me wrong I want KK back ASAP but I say let him fully recover even if it takes 2 or 3 weeks, don’t rush him back in unnescarily.

Any word on how Yeast is after getting taken out on a spine-board after the first play of the game on Saturday?

I am not too afraid about next game, i’m not sure we will win, but i think Travis Moore will do a fine job like he always does. As this saying says, when a leader falls, a new leader must rise.

Its official, torn ACL for Matt, he hopes to be back for the end of the season, but it will be a tough challenge.

3 to 4 months, heard that on CKOM this afternoon. :frowning:

Well that’s no surprise we get bit by the injury bug every year and we always have at least 2 starters out of our lineup at a time.

Well thank god we have depth. With Dominguez gone for the season I hope Moore can come back and plays at 100%. It’s now time for French to step up as a go to guy as well. When Kenton Keith gets back we’ll get to move Holmes back to SB and see what we can do from there on. Like I said before, thank god for the depth we have. Or should I be saying thank god we have Shivers.

I’m sad.

:( [b]<------- me being sad[/b]

Thank god we have depth. Lets hope they both recover quickly and that Holmes keeps performing like he has been.