TSN is reporting that Safety Wayne Shaw is doubtful for Saturday’s match-up against the Argonauts. They’re also stating that Defensive End Anthony Collier hurt his leg in practice and his status is up in the air.

From the Spectator, somehow I missed it

Looks like Beveridge could get the start at Safety...

or perhaps Cox (as we've got more than enough Canadian starters to have a little bit of flexibility.)

Don't forget.... The 'Cats played an import short last game against Winnipeg (a mistake by the team IMHO), when Boreham filled in for Myers, so an import can come in to fill the roster spot of Cheron or Shaw or any other non-import who can't play this week.

I'd like to see Tay Cody at safety.

naw, he’s too good of a cover man… but Shaw, he’s good at lying in wait for the ball carrier and delivering a big open field hit.

just my opinion of course…

I agree with that, although he is doing a great job where he is for now, and we don't have anyone to replace him.

With Cody at Safety we would have a guy with great cover and makeup speed, along with the ability to bring huge hits.

On the injury front, is it me or does it seem that there are more injuries in the league this year?

It does seem that there are more injuries this year. I would suggest that, if true, the cause may be that many games have been played in oppressive HEAT.
I wouldn't like to see us back in the days when the season started on Labour Day weekend. But July dates do not provide ideal playing conditions, and the toll paid for exerting oneself under those circumstances can be very high.

Consider though NFL teams with camps now in the southern States, must be unbearable. I don't know if there are actually more injuries or not, maybe just one of those years. July may not be great with some days super hot as you say but moving it back a month and playing the Grey Cup at the end of December is out of the question I think and you can't really jam in games and tighter than now or else you risk injury there again.

Maybe it will be the new and Gordon.

I wouldn't mind seeing a import at free safety if we can greatly improve at that position. What we need is two Tay Cody's.
Shaw is a poor tackler and he never seems to be around when the ball to help out the db's.

If we clone Tay Cody in Canada, would that make the clone a non-import?

Yes :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,