While watching the game on TV we were wondering if the other CFL teams have as many injuries as the Ti-cats. I know Ottawa has not had a lot of injuries this season. What are they doing that the other teams aren't? :roll:

The team has had an average amount of injuries on Defense and essentially have not missed a beat.
The Offensive players injured are OVER the moon. Too much to overcome it seems.

Calgary is the only other team that has come close to the Ticats with the number of injuries that they have suffered BUT the most important fact is that they have not lost their starting QB, although they do have an experienced back up.
A fact that I believe was mentioned by Drew in his pre-game story is that Ottawa has had 14 players start EVERY game this season, Hamilton has had 7! (Montreal had 15 but lost QBs) I don’t think they’ve had OL injuries - not sure about DL and those are areas where consistency is a HUGE advantage.

IMO we might have been OK with Mathews IF we had been able to continue fielding the same healthy OL with Bomben and Olsen. Unfortunately just when we really need the continuity of our best OL players with an inexperienced QB starting, we have also suffered some key injuries on the line. By my calculations, the ONLY area where we have not suffered any injuries and have been able to start the same players every week is the LBing group of Reed, Lawrence and Harris! Every other group has been hard hit at one time or another. :cry:

Saskatchewan and Montreal each lost their top 2 QBs for long stretches this season. That’s bigger than anything Hamilton has had to deal with.

Austin gambled that Collaros could make it through the full season without getting injured, and that there would be more time to groom Mathews before he’d be forced to play.