Look at all these Injuries the Riders got on the 2nd day of TC


Sam Breeden (WR) – hamstring – day to day

Nate Davis (DT) – back – day to day

Darnell Edwards (DB) – hamstring – day to day

Kenton Keith (RB) – hamstring – day to day

Jamel Richardson (WR) – hamstring – day to day

they dont seem to be serious but still its pretty bad

Nothing new. We always seem to get bit by the injury bug.

Davis' back has been a concern for quite some time. I wouldn't consider that a TC injury, but that's just me. It's early - lots of time before the season starts to get healthy.

this is wut i am talkin about :shock: if davis goes down then wut :?: sign Montford quick :wink: we need the back up :mrgreen:

I would just like to point out that all of these guys are veterans (with the exception of Breeden) who already pretty much have a starting spot on the team, they can afford to miss a little bit of time due to an "injury" if you catch my drift, it's a veteran trick happens every year.

I hope that these are just the vetrans taking it easy, and its not that they didn't bother to keep in that good of shape in the off season and now that they have to work they are getting hurt. So I am very much so hoping that they are pulling the vetran I am hurt and don't feel like doing training camp thing.

Every Rider fan has become an optimist with the way the off season has played out. I think we can look forward to a great season, however if the team is plauged with injuries we may in for a long and disappointing season.