Any word on Newman, Steinhauer, and Hughes??? They were all hurt yesterday and are key contributors to ST.

what about Anderson he looked hurt on Goltz touchdown run?

No I saw him do an interview after the game on and he seemed fine.

Just noticed Eron Riley was 9 gamed. he had is ankle/knee bent badly two weeks ago. Too bad? We won;t get to see alot of him. He would be Taj's backup at WR?

How about Sam Hurl.

McCullough will be activated. I also expect Heenan and guard with Nuefeld back at long at Patty can go. I have not heard if he is ready?

Luckily we have a few vets coming off 9 game.

As far as I know Neufeld should be back and Riley was actually listed as a slot

Reports are saying that Heenan is staying at Tackle and Patty is going to be playing guard. I think their reasoning is that making two changes along the line is too disruptive, and Heenan is playing lights out, so no need to move him.

Anderson has a leg injury, in and out of practice of late. From McCormick - DB Carlos Thomas filled in and could get the nod if Anderson sits out; not the coverage guy Anderson is but can play and get the job done.

He sprained his ankle while saying something nasty about the ref's mom.

wth? I didn't ask about Anderson. bowl450 did! LMAO! :lol: :lol:

Now corrected, sorry about the miscue Riders17 - having trouble with the quotes today for some given reason :?

I wonder if Hurl any of these guys off of 9 games will dress. Neufeld would seem rather obvious, but I am wondering about McCullough, Hurl and Kromah in particular

No worries bud! :thup:

Neufeld will play G by the sounds of it, McCullough said he's playing he just doesn't know in what capacity and Coach Cham seemed pretty positive on Hurl.

DA is officially out. Chamblain explaied it as an injury he could play through if it had playoff implications to it. How much do you think his idiotic attitude last week played in this??

IMO, likely very little.

We share the same opinion

Kromagh, Kromagh, Kromagh ...................... get him in there,, now with Rey injured he should be able to get a game or two..

We were so frickin high on this guy just last year........................

Kromah is on the 9 game injured list. Not sure if he is actually injured or if he is just stashed there.

he was practicing and ready to go a month ago. Those paper cuts on the tongue from stamps can be nasty and really act up again once you thought all was good though.

Who did we use one exemption on to get them off 9 game list early?

Hughes or McHenry? Or some other player.

Sounds like we have only on exemption left. Kromah has not gone 9 games yet so they would need to burn the last exemption?

Best.........sounds like his injury might not require a full 9 weeks and they might want to hold the exemption in case they can get him back prior to playoff.

Injuries are starting to pile up but every team will have them. Anderson will return and Carlos will be off. Injuries require juggling and we'll see how this goes.