From Drew's blog:

• centre Marwan Hage, offensive tackle Marc Dile (who is in a walking boot), defensive tackle Terrence Moore, running back Dahrran Diedrick, linebacker Brandon Isaac as well as running back Lindsey Lamar are all on the sidelines.

Andy Fantuz is still not practicing, close to a month after hurting his hamstring and fellow receiver Ed Gant is still sidelined. So is defensive back Evan McCullough.

9 Starters injured from the last 4 games. NINE!! Not to mention those who have been out and were back for the last 1 or 2 games. I know coach says "we won't use injuries as an excuse" but this has to be a big part of the last 3 losses. There is no way any other team in the league is facing this hurdle.

I think Dile played hurt because after Hage went down there just wasn't any o-lineman left dressed. Not to mention what a large amount of injuries in game does to the playbook and play calling. How can you expect a win in conditions like that? And the Cats were in the last 2 games well into the second half.

I for one will be cutting the Cats a HUGE amount of slack for this reason alone.

Isaac has already been moved to the IR, with new arrival Courntey Greene signed to the 26-man Active Roster.

All teams have injuries, but the amount and to key players seems to be more than the avg. team, which could be a legitimate reason for their poor record so far, let's hope they heal soon and turn things around soon.

LOL!!!! 26-man Active that all we have left?????? YIKES.....The injuries are worse than I thought :slight_smile: :lol: :wink:

Perhaps this is a conditioning issue?

More from Drew's blog:

The Ticats currently have 12 players on their one-game injured lost and another six on the nine-game version. That's the highest number in the CFL – Calgary's next with 16 – while teams like Edmonton and B.C. have closer to a half dozen.

And that doesn't include the Hamilton players who went down during Saturday's loss to the Riders, a list that includes starting centre Marwan Hage, newly-acquired linebacker Brandon Isaac, offensive tackle Marc Dile and speedy running back Lindsey Lamar. They are all expected to miss the trip to Edmonton, as is receiver Andy Fantuz who has missed four games with a hamstring pull.

While the absence of top-flight personnel obviously has an immediate influence on the on-field product, Austin says the injuries have a trickle-down effect.

“An indirect impact is a lack of continuity. The players need to play together,? Austin said. “The biggest issue is not just the injury to that player but how it impacts continuity with a new team.?

“Quite frankly, it's hit the absurd level,? Austin said. “I've not seen or been around or even heard of anything like it.?

"It's hit the absurd level" seems to be an understatement. Lets hope the injury bug has been swatted.

you think? maybe, these players go through training camp and condition all year eg Stala has a program where he trains kids in the off season. Who knows the age of the players Hage, Stala, Fantuz can affect the prone to injury, but this many does seem more than usual, maybe conditioning is the issue :?

NYUK !!! NYUK !!! NYUK !!! I Wonder if theses three are available....we sure could use them,sign them up ASAP !!! :cowboy:

It was an issue last year as well, with half our starters on defence out for a late part of the season. But this year it seems even worse, and it's crept into the offence as well.

And people wonder why Chris Williams is sitting out this year? Maybe he knows more than he's given credit for?

Injuries have been a huge disadvantage. Ticats , to their credit , have not used it as an excuse
but frankly it is the main reason for their 1 and 4 record.
Once healthy this is very good team. Any team in the league would have a bad record
under these conditions. The good news is these injuries won't last forever. I am still
hopeful that things will improve dramatically after the bye week. players need to be healthy
and they need to play together in order to succeed.


just pain bad luck

there was bad luck in the first game vs the Argos ( all close calls went in favour of the Argos).

Ray and Kackert of the blew team are out and they are still kicking Lions butt...just saying

Pretty good week for backup QBs.

Not even on the same planet as the number of injuries we have. Our secondary had a combined total of 11 games of CFL experience.

At the same time, Collaros, Steele and Chiles had a combined zero games of CFL starting experience, yet ignited the Argos to beat one of the best teams in the league.

The Cats need to find quality depth instead of just bodies to fill the open spots.

Unfortunately Injuries are a part of football, it's tough to have Nine Starters out of the line up and I'm sure it would effect any team in any league but with a proper scouting system in place when a starter goes down he should be replaced by a good quality pro athlete, maybe not someone of the same calibre that's given but certainly a good player and that's not the case here?

When Fantuz and Stala were both injured the only guy we had with any experience at wide receiver was Bakari Grant. Elliingson is good but he's a first year player and Guierre supposed to have 2 years under his belt still looks like a rookie out there and the rest forget it. Chevy Walker has good hands but they have been keeping hi on the sidelines while they figure out who their running back is Lamar, Gable or Walker? Now with Lamar injured, maybe we can actually see Walker and Gable together in the backfield and get a good idea of who is the better of the two?

Injuries are not excuses for a Good, professional team that has depth at Scouting and Recruitment, WE DON'T!! We should have a team of Scouts beyond Drew Allemang and Danny Mac or a group of consultants providing our team with players, other teams get injuries and somehow manage better than we do???

Having a player or two who can step in to cover for injures is critical, and all teams try to have some around, including he Ticats. But I don't think any team would be prepared for the type of decimation of their team from injuries as we've seen this year. When four of the five starting receivers AND defensive backs are all injured? Both starting offensive tackles AND both starting defensive ends and one starting defensive tackle? As well as the starting running back? And one starting linebacker? If I recall, that's where we were sitting going into that first game against the Riders. Name any team in any league that has that many starter-quality backups available.

Any surprise we were blown away?

And again... Drew's blog,

• WR Bakari Grant was injured at the end of yesterday's practice and took only limited reps with the first team offence. Dobson Collins, signed this week, was in his spot for a good portion of the time. I'd say Grant's questionable.
Not good.
it looks like a number of Ticat players are back from injury, including WR Andy Fantuz, DB Evan McCullough, WR Ed Gant, LB Brandon Isaac.

There are, however, a few still missing, including C Marwan Hage, RB Lindsey Lamar, S Erik Harris, DT Terrence Moore.

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