Once again the injuries are piling up for the Riders...not as bad as 2008, but still:

Bagg, Rob
Baker, Dallas
Brown, Levi (wink wink nod nod)
Ellis, Chris
Goodspeed, Dan
Kromah, Abraham
Moss, Sinorice
Sisco, Jordan
Stone, Daren

Heenan, Ben
Turenne, Woodny

potentials from banjo bowl:
Durant, Darian - Went out early
Dressler, Weston - Being looked at...potential concussion
McHenry, Scott - I think I heard shoulder

Depop, can you help me out?

Baker - is he back on 9 game. If so he's cooked until the end of the year? Are we stashing this guy or does he have an injury. He ain;t the youngest guy to stash?

Ellis - What happened to him. I like what I saw but maybe he did get nicked up? Given what I am seeing from Odell/Hawk and T. George I'd like to see another DE get a crack.

Moss - wzup? I also thought he was supposed to be available.

Sunday was a toughy. Hopefully Darian and Dressler are okay? Pretty costly win if either of them are out? You don;t want to go into Montreal without either guy but if they need some rest to get back to 100% that is what is needed. Both guys play great at 100%.

Foster is just an obvious replacement for Weston. He seems very fluid. like him.

I am all in favour of Greg Carr over Taj Smith. Taj just looks like he is lost in the headlights out there?

Taj is better than TJH.

Agree Taj is better than TJH, but I think TJH is a better ST player, which might factor in him staying on the roster ahead of Smith. Smith does play ST and is ok, but I just like the energy TJH brings to ST out there.

Remains to be said..........still looking for that solid 3rd receiver.

Taj - Not bad. But given the fact he's the 3rd receiver I just want to see him do more. He looks a little lost out there at times?

TJH - Man, he has large round thighs...........anyone notice. He'll keep pushing Taj.

Carr - New man in. With receiver injuries and his experience I think we might see him soon (Montreal). But I don;t think Taj has done anything to lose his spot............but with a guy breathing down his neck to play I want to see Taj make some big plays.

Harper - I asm still a fan of Harper but it seems he's not going to get back into the core group of 5-7 receivers.

Baker - Man, is he still hurt? Is he back on for another 9 games? He's done for the season. At his age 29-30 he is cooked. Releases after the season and damn Taman traded away to get him. Lost trade for Taman.

Foster - Hey, this guy excites everyone. he could be the dude. Keep it up Brooks and we'll keep watching.

Right now with the injuries to Bagg, and Sisco, and now McHenry its looking like Hargreaves was a good acquisition.. He will likely end up being a starter at receiver or slot back.. I believe our WR corp will look something like this

T.Smith W. Dressler C. Getzlaf B.Foster A. Hargreaves
G. Carr J.Sanders T. Jeffries-Harris

I believe that if the injury to McHenry proves to put him out for a long time that Bamba might get a look..